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Content Creation Idea For Bloggers And Influencers To Get More Traffic

Content Creation Idea

Over the years, writing has been an important part of my life.

For my websites, I write a lot of blog posts.

People notice this and always ask me, “How do you generate content so quickly?”

To be honest, we’ve all experienced writer’s block. Anyone who is a writer would know the feeling.

When you sit down to write, the words don’t always flow as easily as you’d like. This is something I can relate to and empathize with you on.

Having said that, I don’t have a hard time coming up with content ideas. I devised a method a while ago that made it simple for me to come up with new topics to write about on a regular basis.

These tactics aren’t just for blog posts.

They can be used to generate ideas for research papers, ebooks, and podcasts. You can also use them to generate ideas for your new vlog or some other project you’re working on.

Here are the top 15 content creation ideas for coming up with new topics.

Top 15 Content Creation Ideas

1. Comments On The Blog

Examine the comments on all your blogs. Even if you’re not trying to come up with new ideas, you should be doing it.

It allows you to interact with your target audience. Try to respond to their questions and concerns.

Their feedback will serve as a great source of creative input. I am usually able to glean ideas from them for potential posts.

If people leave questions in the comments section, those questions may be used as the starting point for a new post. To make it SEO friendly, simply change a few terms.

I’m sure you can come up with at least one or two ideas from the comments section of each post, regardless of what your audience says.

The best part about this content generation idea is that it could go on forever. There will always be fresh ideas concealed in the comments as long as you keep posting new articles.

2. Videos From YouTube

Any business should have a YouTube channel. Use it to upload videos, which you can then share through all of your marketing platforms.

However, YouTube can also be used to generate new ideas.

Consider it like a Google search, which I covered earlier. You’ll see suggestions when you start typing in a subject.

When you view a video, the sidebar will show similar videos for you to consider.

Let’s pretend your company is in the real estate niche. Here’s a video from BiggerPockets YouTube channel as an example:

BiggerPockets - Content Creation Idea

What you should know about flipping houses is explained in this video. But take a look at the videos I’ve highlighted in the sidebar.

How to fix and buy foreclosed homes and rentals are two similar subjects. Both of these are topics that are relevant to this industry.

You can not only find topics based on the titles of videos, but you can also watch a few of them to get ideas from the content.

You should read the comments section of YouTube videos in the same way as you read the comments section of your and your competitors’ websites. In order to come up with new ideas, look at the feedback on your videos as well as the videos you’re watching.

3. Websites Of Competitors

Look at your competitor’s blog if you don’t know what to write about. This is one of the most effective methods for generating long lists of topics in batches.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not encouraging you to plagiarize or steal. However, there’s nothing wrong with generating ideas using their topics and strategy.

Look at their posts and make a list of things you haven’t yet addressed.

You have a significant advantage in this case because you can try to make your post on the same subject much better than theirs. Let’s say you’re coming up with a new idea for content based on a top 10 list from a competitor’s site. You could try to outdo them by compiling a top 12 list on the same subject.

You should look at other elements of your competitor’s website in addition to their titles for generating new content ideas.

Take a look at their comments section. You’ve already done this with your own website’s comments. So, it’s only natural that there would be ideas lost in other websites as well.

Check to see if they have an FAQ section on their website. These questions could all serve as inspiration for writing new topics.

4. Make A List Of Topics In Batches

You shouldn’t wait to decide what you’ll write about until you’re ready to create new content.

This is inefficient and wastes time.

I enjoy compiling long lists of possible topics all at once. Spend some time looking for fresh ideas by studying various topics.

Make sure you have enough material for at least a couple of months. If you’re going to publish two to three posts a week, you can try to come up with at least 15 to 25 new ideas.

At times, I’ll come up with 50 ideas in one go. All of them may not be a winner, but some of them turn out to be popular blog topics.

It’s much easier to brainstorm when your mind is fixed on a single goal. First, come up with some suggestions. When you begin writing, you can work out the details.

This idea for content will make life a lot easier for you. You’ll be able to choose a topic from your list and begin writing immediately.

5. Content Creation Idea From Previous Posts

Don’t ignore your old content. Some topics could be used for inspiration.

Simply change the titles and create a new article from a different perspective.

Consider the case of an organization that specializes in building websites. If you previously wrote a post about making a mobile-friendly website, a new topic you might write about is how to make it mobile-friendly to drive more sales.

Despite the fact that the subjects are similar, they are not identical.

Let’s presume you work in the personal finance industry. It’s possible that an old subject was about the best apps for budgeting. However, you can use some of the information in that article to create a new article about the best expense tracker apps for a business.

If an older post contains an out-of-date analysis, you can update it by writing a new one.

6. Content Creation Idea From Platforms

If you’re still lost and don’t have ideas about what to write, turn to online resources for inspiration.

BuzzSumo is one of my favorites.


As you can see, it’s very straightforward.

Simply enter some keywords to be included, and the tool will generate a list of possible ideas.

You may also use Zyro’s content generator in addition to Buzzsumo.

7. Content Creation On Social Media

Start with those who already follow you on social networks. See what they’re talking about by clicking on their profiles.

Check out the tweets. Look at the images. Examine the brands with which they are interacting.

Some of these can lead to a dead-end, but others can prove to be incredibly useful in the brainstorming phase.

Plus, if you have a large number of followers on social media, you’ll never run out of ideas.

You can also directly ask your followers. On your Instagram story, post a question and look at the responses.

Let’s say you’re promoting a yoga-related brand. Ask a question to your followers about their unorthodox routines or favorite accessories.

The answers will assist you with content creation on social media and developing a marketing strategy.

8. Product Comparisons And Reviews

Consider items you’ve used recently that are relevant to your brand or business.

These items may be reviewed in a blog post or a video demo.

Take, for example, a website related to fitness and health products. You could write about your experience with a new supplement or workout equipment.

Use this content creation idea to generate buzz if your company is having a new product launch.

You could also write product reviews for items you don’t own or haven’t used. Simply look up items on the internet and focus the discussion on consumer feedback.

9. Conducting Surveys

How do you know what kind of content your target audience is looking for? If you ask them directly, they will tell you.

Surveys should be conducted. Find out their routines.

A survey has the advantage of being direct. You can ask a black-and-white question with a straightforward yes or no answer.

Simply find ways to get people to communicate.

You’d be surprised by how thought-provoking some of the answers can be. Without even realizing it, the responders can start feeding you new content ideas.

It’s a smart thing to save these surveys. Instead of desperately trying to use this content creation idea for immediate results, you can study them later.

10. Search Suggestions From Google

Start your search on Google if you have a subject in mind:

Take a look at all of the suggested topics when I type in “WordPress Directory Plugins.”

Search Suggestions From Google

Many of these suggestions may be covered in a future article.

You may also look at the related searches at the bottom of the results, in addition to the search suggestions:

Search Suggestions At The Bottom Of Results

Start with content titles you’ve already published if you’re not sure what to search for in order to generate these suggestions.

This is a great content creation idea since you know that the subjects would be relevant to your target audience.

Plus, since you got these new suggestions from Google, you can be sure they’ll be SEO-friendly.

10. Recent Events

You may or may not want to report breaking news, depending on your brand.

It may not appeal to your target audience or reflect well on your business.

However, you can always get creative. Try to think of ways to make these events relevant to your brand when you’re watching the updates or reading news from a reputed source.

Look for events or local trade shows that are relevant to your business.

Inform your audience about the upcoming event. Tell them what is required for registering or attending it.

12. Subscribe To Newsletters

Receive content ideas straight to your inbox.

Subscribing to your niche-specific email newsletters is a good idea. They’ll keep you informed about current events, news, and topics.

You can also sign up for newsletters from competitors. Take a look at what they’re talking about with their clients.

Use this idea for content and source topics discussed in these emails (check out the Newsletter Title Generator).

13. Analytics And Data

Have you come across a new report about your brand or niche?

Take advantage of it.

You don’t have to do the research yourself, though it would improve the quality of the content. Instead, you can save time by writing about a topic using new data.

Let’s pretend you are in the pharmaceutical industry. This new research may be interesting to write about:

New Research About Covid

Use this research to talk about the risks of COVID. Perhaps you will discuss how to prevent the disease including heart attack and stroke.

You might also show a case study of how a specific drug has been quite effective against this disease.

All of these concepts arose from new information in your field.

14. Storytelling

Another interesting idea for content is to tell a story about a personal experience.

It doesn’t have to be a success story. Tell your viewers about a time when you made a mistake.

What was your takeaway from it? What path led you to where you are now?

It may be a recent incident or something that happened in the past. Master the art of telling stories.

Personal stories are beneficial because they distinguish the content from others. While people may have similar experiences, yours will be unique in terms of the details.

15. Product Releases And Technology

Writing about a new product release is a win-win situation if your business sells products.

When I was talking about product reviews, I discussed this briefly.

You’ll be able to create buzz about the release, which will help you boost sales later. It also provides you with something to write about.

Additionally, keeping up with the latest technological developments will assist you in coming up with new subjects to cover.

New technology is emerging everywhere, regardless of what industry you’re in or what kind of company you have.

There may be new software that is specifically applicable to your company or simply an innovation in your industry as a whole. Both of these cases are worth sharing with your audience.

Final Thoughts

Although you may experience writer’s block occasionally, you should not have trouble coming up with new content ideas.

There are many options available for content creators. Learn how to use them to your advantage.

Come up with a long list of new ideas in batches.

You won’t have any issues if you follow the tips and tricks in this guide.

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