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3 Trends In Content Marketing To Keep An Eye On In 2024

trends in content marketing

This article includes three of the most important trends in content marketing that you need to know to succeed with your campaigns this year.

Do you write blog articles with the hope of getting traffic from Google? Then you should pay attention. 

Because right now, an incredible number of changes are happening that can affect the type of content that would be visible in the search engines in the future.

Content Marketing Trends In 2024

1. Number 1 Spot On Google Is Too Far Of A Stretch

Striving for a top spot in the Google search results is no longer enough.

For as long as I can remember, the search results have been seen as a list ranked for the most relevant content. Lately, it has received competition from the so-called position zero where an information box (Featured Snippet) is displayed. This has led to the first place in Google sometimes being pushed down so far that it is not even visible on a mobile device.

In position zero, short extracts, pictures, or definitions are displayed that are considered to contain the information that the user is looking for when performing the search. Therefore, the person can get the answer to the question without even having to leave Google.

This means that it is your content that would be seen here – not the link to your post. The future of digital marketing, including social media growth and search engine optimization, are about visibility and brand building – not just clicks.

Position zero
Example of the so-called position zero from a keyword-rich page.

The most exciting thing about position zero results is that the content is not always retrieved from the pages that are on top of the regular search results. It could even be extracts of content that is just a few days old. Thus, the right content can have more visibility than an SEO-optimized site that has years of active SEO work behind it.

2. Customize Your Content Based On The Search Intent

In order for your content to appear at the top of Google, it is important that it is exactly the kind of content that the user is looking for. Try to imagine what the person’s intent is with the search and adapt your content to meet the expectations.

Examples of different intentions a person may have when searching on Google:

I want to know…
The user is trying to research and explore. The person wants educational and inspiring content that is easy to absorb, e.g., short summaries, explanatory videos, or pictures.

I want to do…
The user wants to get something done and may be looking for a template or feature that can help along the way.

I need help with…
The user is looking for help with something and needs to know how to do it. In this case, it would be ideal to have examples, customer case studies, or someone to contact.

I want to buy…
The person is ready to buy a service or product and is actively seeking help. Examples of relevant results include:

  • online store
  • order form
  • registration page
  • online chat
  • advisory content

If you come up in position zero for your most important search terms, you have a huge competitive advantage in terms of online visibility.

3. Position Yourself As An Authority In Your Industry

Anyone can publish content today. But those who are considered the most credible and authoritative have a greater chance of being seen higher up in the search results. This means that big and well-known brands, experts in the industry, or people who often appear in the press and media would have greater visibility than the others.

Google has indicated what is known as EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness). It’s a principle that will have a greater role in showing relevant content in the search results. This is one of the most important trends in content marketing that you need to pay attention to. Therefore, your brand, including both the company and the person who speaks in the content, will be all the more important.

position yourself as an authority

What makes you an expert in the area? Develop and communicate your expertise on your blog or website.

What authority do you have on the subject? The level of knowledge, presentation and external validation of your content is valued.

How credible are you? What do others think of you? Is your content presented in a secure way? Can you be trusted?

Collaborating With Experts

Involving experts in the industry, even those who do not work at your own company, can be a very good idea when it comes to content marketing.

Identify the experts you have in and around your business and try to involve them in the development of your content.

Include a short biography of the person who wrote the content including the education, experience, press mentions, and any titles.

Also, keep in mind that the algorithms (Google for example) read from the rest of the web and form their own opinion about who you are and how credible your company is. Having a positive review online can simply help increase the visibility of your content. And having a bad review online reduces the chances that Google would recommend your content.

Try to keep the quality as high as possible on all pages of your website. Consider removing or improving articles that you yourself are not happy with or that you feel do not give visitors what they are looking for.

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