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Web Designing Companies | What Is The Best Web Design Service?

Web Designing Companies

I have a recommended list of web designing companies for those of you who are looking for the best web design service.

Your website’s design can make or break your business.

People judge a website in just a few seconds. The first impression is usually based on design.

What does this imply? Simple: If you want your brand to thrive, you must nail the design of your website. Although there are numerous resources available to assist you in creating a website on your own, it is always preferable to leave web design to the experts.

Top 10 Web Designing Companies In 2024

  1. Mightybytes
  2. Lounge Lizard
  4. Big Drop
  5. Maxburst
  6. Blue Fountain Media
  7. Intechnic
  8. Bizzuka
  9. Taoti Creative
  10. Skuba Design Studio

With a detailed overview of each one listed below, we’ll take a closer look at the advantages and applications of these web designing companies.

Web Designing Companies Reviews

1. Mightybytes

Mightybytes - web designing companies

Mightybytes is a Chicago-based web designing service with over 20 years of experience. They partner with socially responsible businesses, non-profits, and sustainable brands.

This firm specializes in web design as well as brand development and strategy. They employ best practices for sustainability to ensure the company’s long-term success.

Mightybytes provides strategic consulting to bring digital goods to life in addition to UX and design. They’ve collaborated with the YMCA, PNC Bank, Northwestern University, Feeding America, and DePaul University, among others.

Mightybytes analyzes data to address web design issues. They understand, however, that it’s not all about data. Considering that fact, they’ll even reach out to users in order to do successful ethnographic research. They analyze and test solutions in order to implement them successfully.

They offer the following digital services:

Mightybytes is a top-rated web design company for you to consider if you are a nonprofit or a sustainable brand.

2. Lounge Lizard

Lounge Lizard - web designing companies

Lounge Lizard is far more than a web designing service. It’s an agency that focuses on branding, web creation, digital marketing, website upkeep, and software development. If you have a variety of requirements for your website, you can depend on Lounge Lizard.

This service is high on my list because they approach website design strategically.

For each design, the Lounge Lizard team focuses on brand differentiation, brand communication, and the overall goal of the website. To increase interaction, they create websites that cater to your target audience.

Here’s a rundown of what Lounge Lizard has to offer in terms of web design:

  • Tailored re-designs
  • Custom designs built on WordPress
  • User interface and user experience (UX/UI) architecture
  • Web design that is mobile-friendly
  • Web design for Shopify
  • Blog designs for businesses
  • Web design for Magento

Your website is subjected to a user interface review by Lounge Lizard. The aim of this review is to find flaws in your design while overseeing SEO as you make adjustments.

I’d recommend contacting Lounge Lizard if you want help with your brand strategy. Lounge Lizard’s team over-delivers when it comes to website design. They take things a step further by ensuring that the brand message is conveyed clearly to the appropriate audience.


EIGHTY25MEDIA- web designing companies

EIGHT25MEDIA offers web designing service, consulting, strategy, as well as content management system (CMS) services.

They make websites that are responsive as well as eCommerce solutions. They are a great choice if you’re looking for a well-known web design firm.

They’ve been named San Francisco’s best web designing service. Their clients have collectively raised more than $500 million in support of their businesses.

On their revamped website, the average EIGHT25MEDIA customer sees a 200 percent increase in conversions. Usually, they deal with the following categories of businesses:

  • Start-ups in technology
  • VC-backed
  • Banking and financial services
  • Cybersecurity
  • Software as a Service (SAAS)
  • eCommerce
  • Enterprise customers
  • Business-to-business (B2B)

EIGHT25MEDIA also creates web apps and mobile solutions in addition to providing website designing services.

4. Big Drop

Big Drop

Another full-service web designing agency is Big Drop. Website design, digital marketing, branding, and website development are their specialties.

Their projects prioritize customer experience, and their designs are user-friendly. Activision, Citibank, and Samsung are among their featured customers.

According to Big Drop, your website needs to convey your brand’s story. They work hard to produce designs that are true reflections of you, your organization, and your business.

Their web designing service follows a five-step process:

  1. Determine the brand’s requirements.
  2. Perform research on your market, competitors, and target audience.
  3. Build a wireframe and UI/UX sitemap.
  4. Create a content plan in collaboration with you and your staff.
  5. Create the website’s graphics and other visual elements.

Big Drop aims to provide visitors to your site with a stellar online experience. They have a one-of-a-kind ability to transform abstract ideas into innovative interactive web designs.

5. Maxburst


Maxburst is a great web designing agency headquartered in New York City that also specializes in SEO, website development, local search listings, social media promotion, and branding.

The agency’s designs are a one-of-a-kind combination of visual appeal and technology.

Maxburst is a web designing service, print, and digital media firm that specializes in high-end solutions. It’s a great option for companies looking to scale. Their designs are unique and will make you stand out.

They work with eCommerce solutions as well as CMS-based websites.

They are able to help you handle your content requirements, in addition to designing your website. Maxburst is there for your needs, from your pictures and videos to your newsfeed and blog.

6. Blue Fountain Media

Blue Fountain Media - web designing companies

Blue Fountain Media is a full-service firm that specializes in web design, technology, digital marketing, business solutions, and branding.

They are trusted by global brands such as Sony, Microsoft, and FedEx for their digital design expertise.

Blue Fountain Media has over 17 years of web design experience. Every design is made with a specific goal in mind, and user experience is prioritized throughout the process.

The designs are made to be easy to find. All Blue Fountain Media designs are search engine optimized.

This is what their process looks like:

The team begins by getting to know you and your services. They delve through your website’s current data and speak with key members of your company.

Before making any changes, Blue Fountain Media would collect surveys from your customers and conduct user testing on your current website.

You’ll receive a customized strategy for the content, layout, and functionality of your new website design to ensure that it fits your company’s goals. They’ll plan and produce a sitemap that outlines the new design’s layout and hierarchy.

The concept will be designed after the planning phase is completed. Any strict brand requirements will be followed by the design team. You’ll be able to provide feedback on wireframes and mockups, so you’ll have a say at every stage of the process.

Blue Fountain Media can help with landing page copywriting, SEO, website development, Quality Assurance, and launch.

7. Intechnic


Website designing services, digital marketing, brand strategy, and user interface, are all services provided by Intechnic. They have been in business for 20+ years, building high-converting websites, applications, and software for clients in over 30 countries.

UX is where they really stand out. They’ll collaborate with you to do in-depth research on your customers and create a website that’s tailored to their specific requirements.

Here’s a quick rundown of Intechnic’s web design solutions and services:

  • Integration of businesses
  • Reputation management
  • Photographic work
  • Creation of video
  • Writing copy
  • Creative input
  • User experience and interaction

Intechnic recognizes the fact that your company needs more than a standard website. It’s about having a platform that produces results.

This firm specializes in using ingenuity to overcome challenges and to produce results. I would suggest working with Intechnic for those who have underperforming websites. Intechnic would be able to help you achieve better outcomes with a redesign.

Intechnic also collaborates with companies in the financial services, non-profit, insurance, and government sectors.

8. Bizzuka

Bizzuka - web designing companies

Bizzuka has developed and designed over 2,000 websites in the last 20 years. These web designs are intended to help with generating leads online.

This agency is best for companies that offer high-end products or services. It’s a great option for those having a lengthy and complex sales process.

Bizzuka’s designers follow a data-driven approach and best practices to enhance the user experience on the website at each level of the sales funnel.

Bizzuka offers custom software solutions and digital marketing along with website designing services.

I’d suggest Bizzuka for B2B businesses that are in need of a design refresh to increase conversions.

9. Taoti Creative

Tao Creative

Taoti Creative is a web design firm that focuses on innovation and creativity, as the name suggests. They build one-of-a-kind, cutting-edge web designs that bring traffic to the site.

This web designing agency creates a brand experience that makes a difference.

Consider working with Taoti Creative’s services if you’re looking for a web design to make a powerful first impression. They’ve been creating web designs for over two decades.

Taoti Creative pays attention to details. This is more than simply finding defects or bugs. From architecture to user interface and compliance, they aim to offer the best possible results.

A bold website design is what you can expect from this creative design team. Your website would have the potential to stand out.

Taoti offers great customer support. Communication is an essential part of the website design process. You can expect to hear from them regularly, as they provide updates with complete transparency. Your suggestions would have a major impact on the final design.

Taoti Creative may not be a good fit for everyone. I’d just recommend this for websites and businesses who are willing to take a chance with out-of-the-box designs.

10. Skuba Design Studio

Skuba Design Studio is a web design, illustration, graphic design, multimedia, and photography studio with a network of regional and local talent.

They basically have everything you’ll need for a prolific web project.

The developers and designers working for Skuba are well-qualified, having years of experience working on award-winning projects.

This web design company can help your website reach both current customers, as well as new demographics you’re planning to target.

Skuba is highly recommended for those of you who need more design services compared to a standard website. They include designs for a variety of needs including:

  • Print
  • Brochures
  • Expos and trade shows
  • Packages
  • Signs
  • Flyers
  • Event invitations
  • Use of infographics

Motion graphics, content management, digital projects, software development, and mobile applications are all services provided by Skuba Design Studio. All designs offered by the agency are search engine friendly.

Working With Web Designing Companies

Web designing companies can help you create a unique web design for your company or personal website.

They’ll collaborate with you to produce a design that complements your brand while providing a smooth user experience that delights your customers.

Working with a web designer is a great choice for both new and existing websites that need to be redesigned. Everything from the navigation to color scheme is taken into account by the top web designing agencies and firms.

But what is the best web design service? Fortunately, we’ve some insight based on the list of web designing agencies mentioned earlier.

How To Select The Best Web Design Service

When it comes to web design, everybody has different requirements. It’s possible that the best design service for one company, may not be the best for another one. So, how do you go about finding the best web design service for your company? Here is the approach that was used in creating the list.

Type Of Business And Industry

There is no such thing as a single web design that can be used on all websites. Some website design companies concentrate on a single industry.

A tech startup, for example, is likely to have very different website requirements than a local law firm. An accountant’s website design should not be the same as a creative agency.

Choose a web designing service with experience creating websites for businesses and industries similar to yours.

Portfolio Of Work

Nothing talks more than a great track record when it comes to web design. A good web designing agency should be able to showcase a long list of websites they’ve previously designed and developed.

Look over the portfolio and go to those websites. How do they appear? What do you think of those designs?

While every website is different, you can typically get a sense of the design philosophy used. You should go for other options if you’re dissatisfied with the portfolio of work.

Other Services

Web designing agencies, in most cases, do far more than just design websites. Web development branding services, marketing tools, and other services are available from several website design firms.

Look for a design service that has additional services that you can use. For instance, if you need a designer and a developer, getting both services from the same company makes sense.

Design Methodology

Cookie-cutter models aren’t used by the best web design service companies. They invest the time to learn about your business, customers, brand, and website requirements.

Before they begin the design work, some will perform UI and UX testing. Others may use historical website metrics and data to target particular areas for improvement.

Regardless of the strategy, it’s important that you can comprehend the design methodology to ensure that you’re happy with it. When designing a custom website, the design team should be able to incorporate your feedback to some degree.


Today’s market is flooded with several web designing agencies and freelancers. How do you know who to select when it comes to building something important?

Here is a list of the top 10 website design companies for you to consider based on my thorough research:

  1. Mightybytes
  2. Lounge Lizard
  4. Big Drop
  5. Maxburst
  6. Blue Fountain Media
  7. Intechnic
  8. Bizzuka
  9. Taoti Creative
  10. Skuba Design Studio

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