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SAAS For Business: 5 Things To Consider Before Getting Started

SAAS For Business

A SAAS for business is a lucrative business model that can result in great earnings over time.

People will subscribe to the service and pay a recurring fee to continue using the service.

If you have 50 customers who use your SAAS service, and you charge about $20/month; you’d be making $1000 every month!

What Is SAAS Application?

A SAAS (Software As A Service)is essentially a service or software that you pay to use. Many of them work on a monthly or yearly subscription.

Mailchimp, for example, is a SAAS that offers email marketing services for a fee.

Another example is SEMrush, a software that provides tools for Search Engine Optimization. SEMrush, like Mailchimp, is a SAAS, which means that it’s a service online that people pay to use.

A SAAS is something that you pay for in exchange for access to an online service.

Here are a few things to consider before getting started with a SAAS for business:

1. Creating An Application For SAAS Business

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You might be wondering how to create your own application for SAAS business. You don’t have to create it from scratch, learn to code, or even hire a developer to do so.

For as little as $50, you can purchase an application for SAAS business from CodeCanyon that can be customized to your needs.

Go to CanCanyon and look for SAAS under the PHP Scripts option. You’ll see a number of ready-to-use software.

There are various price points, and you can find a low-cost SAAS service to purchase, install on your server, and then customize your application for SAAS business.

There are multiple types of SAAS applications available for purchase. Billing and accounting software, email marketing tools, discount networks, and even enterprise management software are a few examples.

Spend some time researching and pick the one that appeals to you the most, that suits your needs, and that you believe you will be able to use to run your SAAS for business.

2. Hosting The SAAS Service

After you’ve created your application for SAAS business, you would need to host it and make it public. To host the service, you’ll require a server and domain name.

You don’t need any special coding skills to complete these tasks.

There are several tutorials available online that teach you how to host a PHP Script or service online.

This way, you’ll be able to host your service and make it accessible to the public.

3. Collecting Payments

best payment systems

So you purchased the SAAS service and made it available online. You would need to promote your service, but before doing that you need to figure out how to collect payments. What method would people use to make payments to use your software?

Fortunately, this is also done automatically through these scripts! For example, if you are considering a URL Shortener for your business check out the URL Premium Shortener on CodeCanyon. You’ll notice that it supports PayPal and Stripe.

So, if you have a Stripe or PayPal account, you can easily integrate it into the service and begin receiving payments!

However, note that if you want to use these services to collect recurring payments, you’ll need to pay and get an extended license.

You can get started by handling this manually using Payoneer or Paypal (if supported in your country). Once you reach your first 100 customers, you can look at buying the extended license, start collecting recurring payments and completely automate your system.

4. Offer A Free Trial

With the steps above you would be able to get started and set up your SAAS for business.

The next important step is to promote the service.

It’s a good idea to offer a freemium service with a free trial period of 1 to 2 weeks.

This will entice customers to try your service and if your service meets their needs, they would be more willing to pay to continue using the service.

You can nurture the leads from the free trial using email marketing and promote your premium packages.

5. Digital Marketing

social media for b2b marketing

To advertise your SAAS company, set aside a small monthly ad budget on platforms such as Google or Facebook.

You can start at $20 or $30 per month. But don’t start running ads until you’ve learned about marketing!

To avoid wasting money, it is critical to first learn about digital marketing.

Take a Facebook marketing course or learn more about digital marketing using Google or Facebook.

When I got started, I spent nearly $10,000 on Facebook without getting any conversions. That was back when I was testing without knowing anything about how Facebook ads work. I eventually stopped and started to learn digital marketing.

To get all of the information I wanted before using advertisements, I read articles, blogs, and took about 20 digital marketing courses.

When it comes to advertising your services, you should not waste your time and money. Taking the time to learn about online marketing will pay off in the long run.


You can find a service you like, then purchase, host, customize and set up a free trial.

Integrate a payment method, advertise your service, and earn recurring income.

I hope you set aside some time to learn about digital marketing so that you can make use of this online business model.

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