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ShortlyAI Review (2024) | Is This The Best AI Writing Assistant?

shortlyai review

Are you on the lookout for an exceptional AI writing assistant that can revolutionize your content creation process? Look no further! In this comprehensive ShortlyAI review, let’s delve into the world of ShortlyAI, a prominent contender among the multitude of AI writing assistants available.

Whether you’re a business owner, copywriter, or content creator, ShortlyAI offers a wide range of benefits to streamline your writing tasks.

We’ll explore the ins and outs of ShortlyAI, and its functionality, and assess whether it’s the ideal writing tool for you. We’ll also unveil some noteworthy alternatives in case you’re seeking other options.

What Is ShortlyAI?

ShortlyAI, introduced in August 2020, is the brainchild of the talented Qasim Munye. Designed to alleviate the challenges faced by businesses and copywriters when crafting compelling content, ShortlyAI serves as an invaluable writing assistant.

Its primary objective is to simplify the content creation process by providing users with an optimal format and taking care of the heavy lifting.

Munye’s vision was to create user-friendly software that could generate content effortlessly, catering to individuals of all skill levels. Notably, in June 2021, ShortlyAI was acquired by the team at (now Jasper AI).

The Power Of Shortly AI

shortly ai - best ai tools for content writing

One of the most impressive aspects of Shortly AI is its boundless capacity to generate content. There are no limitations on the volume of material it can produce, making it an excellent option for article generation.

Powered by GPT-3, this AI writing assistant utilizes advanced machine learning techniques to assist users in creating various types of content.

Whether you’re drafting blog posts, articles, YouTube scripts, or novels (check out the compilation of AI novel writing software), Shortly AI has got you covered.

It seamlessly integrates with popular platforms like Google Docs and Microsoft Word, offering a versatile writing experience. Plus, you can rely on ShortlyAI’s content to be entirely free of plagiarism, ensuring originality in your work.

Harnessing Machine Learning

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are revolutionizing the content marketing landscape, and ShortlyAI is at the forefront of this transformation.

The impact of AI-generated content on your marketing strategy cannot be overstated. It enhances efficiency, enables a deeper understanding of your audience’s search intent, facilitates data tracking, and empowers automation.

Although the concept of AI-powered content creation is not entirely new, it is rapidly evolving, with GPT-3 leading the way. OpenAI’s GPT-3, an advanced deep learning-based language model, generates text that is remarkably human-like, surpassing the Turing test.

ShortlyAI Review – Is It The Best AI Writing Software?

In this Shortly review, we explore the diverse range of capabilities offered by ShortlyAI, from generating blog entries and social media content to crafting compelling email copy and YouTube video scripts.

Let’s get into the functionalities of ShortlyAI, assess its performance, and uncover the remarkable ways it can enhance your writing endeavors.

1. Streamlining Copywriting Frameworks

Crafting captivating copy that resonates with your audience can be a daunting task. However, with ShortlyAI, your copywriting struggles can be alleviated.

This tool enables you to create copywriting frameworks that serve as a foundation for your content. Using ShortlyAI’s Instruct command, you can effortlessly develop engaging copy without starting from scratch.

Whether you prefer the PAS, AIDA, Before-After-Bridge, or any other copywriting structure, ShortlyAI empowers you to create compelling content that drives results.

2. Creating Articles with Ease

Are you aiming to become a prolific blogger but find yourself constrained by limited time?

Enter ShortlyAI, your ultimate AI writing partner (there are other tools available – be sure to explore the Scalenut review). This powerful tool has the ability to generate entire articles from scratch, leaving you with the freedom to focus on refining and editing.

By harnessing the potential of ShortlyAI, you can save countless hours while effortlessly producing high-quality articles. In fact, this AI writing assistant can generate at least three times the word count compared to a human writer.

Later in this Shortly review, we’ll put the tool to the test and evaluate its performance.

3. Effortless Social Media Posts

how to market - Etsy digital product marketing

Managing multiple social media accounts can be overwhelming, leaving little time for content creation. Luckily, ShortlyAI simplifies the process of developing engaging social media updates.

Whether you’re crafting tweets, Facebook posts, or Instagram captions, ShortlyAI lends a helping hand by generating compelling content that captures your brand’s essence.

With ShortlyAI as your writing assistant, you can streamline your social media strategy and consistently deliver impactful posts across various platforms.

4. Revolutionizing YouTube Video Scripting

If you’re a YouTuber, you’re likely no stranger to the arduous task of writing video scripts. ShortlyAI can transform the way you approach video scripting.

With its intuitive Teach command, ShortlyAI allows you to craft complete video scripts within minutes. Simply provide a brief description of your topic, and ShortlyAI will take care of generating the script for you.

While some editing may be required, the time and effort saved with ShortlyAI are invaluable, allowing you to focus on delivering captivating content to your audience.

5. Creating Catchy YouTube Video Intros

For YouTubers, creating engaging and attention-grabbing video intros is crucial to captivating your audience.

ShortlyAI has a YouTube intro script-writing feature. By utilizing AI’s capabilities, you can produce impressive video introductions that entice viewers to watch and stay engaged.

By selecting the Short Form Assistant and choosing the YouTube description option, I received generated content for video intros.

While some tweaking was required to align the content with the topic, the AI writing tool provided a starting point for creating compelling YouTube intros.

6. Mastering Email Copy

best emailing services

Compelling email communication is a vital aspect of any successful business. However, crafting engaging emails can sometimes pose a challenge. ShortlyAI is equipped to assist you in creating professional and persuasive email copy, including subject lines and headers. By leveraging the power of ShortlyAI, you can captivate your recipients, drive conversions, and enhance your overall email marketing efforts.

7. Shortly AI Writing Potential

While ShortlyAI excels in generating a wide array of content, its capabilities extend far beyond articles and emails.

Whether you’re a novelist, an Amazon seller, or a curious individual seeking inspiration, ShortlyAI is your versatile writing assistant.

It can help you create compelling Amazon product descriptions, generate question ideas, craft Quora answers, compose letters, develop poems and stories (check out the poetry book title generator), create YouTube video headings, outline features and benefits, and so much more. The possibilities are truly endless when you harness the power of ShortlyAI.

8. Before-After-Bridge Formula

Whether you’re seeking to boost email click-through rates or create captivating headlines, the Before-After-Bridge (BAB) formula can be a game-changer.

Divided into three sections, this formula acts as a bridge between your service or product and your customers, effectively closing the gap. With ShortlyAI as your writing tool, you can effortlessly develop AI-generated content that motivates readers to take action.

By harnessing the power of BAB copywriting, you can create persuasive messages that tap into both pain points and pleasure senses, compelling your audience to engage with your content.

9. Seamless Blog Post Outlines

Crafting outlines for blog posts can be a time-consuming task. However, with ShortlyAI, the process becomes swift and effortless.

By utilizing this powerful AI writing tool, you can generate blog post outlines within seconds, freeing up valuable time for content creation.

For this Shortly AI review, I activated the free trial and put its capabilities to the test. Using the topic “How to optimize the content for traffic,” I was impressed with the quality of the AI-generated outlines.

With multiple options at my disposal, I could select the most suitable outline and expand upon it to create a compelling blog post.

10. Effortless Article Writing

ShortlyAI simplifies the article writing process by providing a seamless writing experience. By clicking the “Write for me” button, the AI reads the text in front of the cursor, including the title and background information or article brief you’ve provided. This enables the AI to predict your future words and sentences accurately.

It’s crucial to note that the AI learns from your input, making what you write prompt it of utmost importance. Powered by sophisticated technology, ShortlyAI gathers information from various online sources to compile content tailored to your needs.

Although the AI’s visibility is limited to the last 1200 words, the title, and the background information when your text exceeds 1200 words, ShortlyAI remains a powerful tool for generating quality content quickly.

11. Crafting Engaging Blog Post Introductions

Writing captivating blog post introductions is essential to hooking your readers and keeping them engaged. ShortlyAI provides a solution to this challenge by offering an AI-powered introduction function.

By inputting your original header, ShortlyAI generates an introduction paragraph designed to captivate your audience from the first sentence.

I tested this feature using the header “How to optimize the content for traffic.” While the AI-generated content had some repetition, it served as a valuable starting point and provided inspiration for expanding and refining the final version of the introduction.

ShortlyAI Article

12. Streamlining Headline Generation

Crafting an impactful headline is paramount to capturing your reader’s attention and maximizing click-through rates. With ShortlyAI, the process becomes effortless.

By utilizing the AI’s headline generation feature, you can swiftly create snappy and appealing titles that hook your audience from the start.

If you are struggling to come up with captivating headlines, let ShortlyAI generate them for your next article or video, so that focus on producing compelling content.

13. Crafting Impactful Conclusion Paragraphs

Crafting an effective conclusion paragraph that leaves a lasting impression on your readers can be a challenge. ShortlyAI simplifies this task by offering a dedicated command for generating conclusion paragraphs.

By entering your article’s topic and description, you can generate a range of options for concluding your content.

I tested the “Conclusion paragraph” command within the “Short articles” category. ShortlyAI provided a list of options that, with some tweaking and customization, could be utilized to create engaging and satisfying conclusion paragraphs.

Main Features Of ShortlyAI

One of the standout features of ShortlyAI is its user-friendly interface. With a super-simple design, the tool is easily accessible to users of all levels of experience.

While there may be a slight learning curve to familiarize yourself with the platform, it offers a comfortable and straightforward experience for producing both short- and long-form blog pieces.

Additionally, ShortlyAI provides options for customization, allowing you to select the desired length of your content and adjust it to meet your specific requirements.

Reviewing ShortlyAI’s Performance

While ShortlyAI proves to be a valuable AI writing assistant, it does come with some drawbacks.

The tool’s tendency to misunderstand prompts can be a significant issue, requiring specific and precise instructions.

Machine-generated language often necessitates human review, editing, and a critical eye to ensure accuracy. ShortlyAI’s learning process, which involves mimicking human content, occasionally results in the use of phony names, quotes, and references instead of real ones.

Despite these limitations, users can still benefit from ShortlyAI by providing context, improving coherence, and supplementing the generated content with their input.

Although it may not achieve the “10x faster” promise advertised, ShortlyAI proves helpful in overcoming writer’s block and providing content frameworks and ideas.

Leveraging ShortlyAI Text Commands

ShortlyAI distinguishes itself by implementing text commands for various writing functions. The Instruct command stands out as the most critical and powerful one, enabling you to request the creation of specific content.

You can instruct ShortlyAI to generate any form of quality content by utilizing this command effectively. Other commands, such as rewrite, shorten, and expand, offer self-explanatory functionalities to further customize and refine the generated text.

Who Can Benefit From Shortly AI?

Shortly AI is tailor-made for anyone whose success relies on producing captivating content quickly and efficiently, regardless of the industry.

Whether you’re an aspiring novelist or a website owner in need of engaging blog posts, Shortly AI is an invaluable tool to transform your ideas into impactful paragraphs. It serves as a reliable brainstorming companion, helping you expand and develop your concepts.

However, it’s important to note that while Shortly AI sparks creativity, the AI writing assistant does not replace you as the writer. It supplements your work by providing fresh ideas, but the majority of the writing process still rests with you.

Industries That Benefit From ShortlyAI

  • Copywriters
  • Agency Owners
  • Local Entrepreneurs
  • Authors
  • Content Creators
  • Marketers
  • SEO Professionals

Ideal Users

Numerous individuals and industries can benefit greatly from ShortlyAI’s capabilities. If you fall into any of the following categories, ShortlyAI might be the perfect match for your needs:

  • Long-Form Content Writers: If you specialize in crafting comprehensive and lengthy content pieces, ShortlyAI can significantly streamline your writing process.
  • Bloggers Seeking Regular Content: Bloggers who struggle with generating new content consistently will find ShortlyAI to be a valuable ally.
  • Overcoming Writer’s Block: For those grappling with writer’s block, ShortlyAI can provide the necessary inspiration to overcome creative hurdles.
  • YouTubers: Create compelling scripts for your YouTube videos effortlessly with ShortlyAI’s assistance.
  • Time-Conscious Individuals: Anyone who wishes to save time by reducing the effort required to produce high-quality articles can rely on ShortlyAI.

ShortlyAI Pros And Cons

ShortlyAI boasts several advantages as an AI writing assistant.

  • Instruct command simplifies the tool’s usability, making it accessible for users of all levels of experience.
  • The minimalist design eliminates distractions typically found in similar applications, allowing users to focus on their writing.
  • Excels in generating various forms of content, including long-form content, blog articles, emails, ad text, and social media articles.
  • The user interface is regarded as one of the most straightforward and user-friendly among AI content writers.
  • The availability of unlimited word credit and the provision of a Shortly AI free trial further enhance the appeal.
  • Fast customer support via email ensures that users receive prompt assistance when needed.

However, there are certain drawbacks to consider.

  • The ShortlyAI free trial’s word limit of 300 words falls short in comparison to the more generous offerings of other platforms, such as Jasper AI’s 10,000-word trial.
  • ShortlyAI only understands English, limiting its multilingual capabilities compared to competitors like Jasper AI.
  • The lack of live chat assistance and a contact form, as well as the absence of a Chrome extension, may limit the accessibility and convenience of the tool.
  • The pricing of ShortlyAI may be perceived as steep for many writers, potentially deterring some potential users.
  • Other notable limitations include the absence of writing tone features, occasional grammatical errors in the generated content, and the need for extensive editing to refine the output.

ShortlyAI Pricing

shortlyai pricing

ShortlyAI’s pricing structure is designed to provide users with flexibility and value.

The monthly plan is priced at $79 per month, while the annual plan offers a reduced rate of $65 per month. Opting for the annual plan grants users unlimited word credits and full access to all the features ShortlyAI has to offer.

To enable users to test the waters, the Shortly AI free trial is a good option. With the free trial, users can explore the tool’s functionalities, but they are limited to writing 300 words. It’s essential to utilize the trial judiciously and make the most of the allotted word count.

Shortly AI Alternative – Websites Like Shortly AI

Before committing to a specific AI writing assistant, it’s advisable to explore various options. For example, learn how to use ChatGPT for blogging.

Here are a few ShortlyAI alternatives worth considering:

  • CopyAI: Discover how CopyAI fares against human writers in the in-depth CopyAI review. The platform offers a 7-day free trial, allowing users to assess its capabilities.
  • Jasper AI (formerly Jarvis): Read the comprehensive Jasper AI review to determine if it is the best long-form AI content generator. With a generous 10,000-word free trial, Jasper AI provides a compelling option for users.
  • Grammarly Business: Learn more about Grammarly and its features in the article on Wordtune vs Grammarly. Both platforms serve as excellent writing assistants.
  • Rytr: Dive into the Rytr review to evaluate this content generator’s suitability for your needs. Rytr offers a free plan enabling the generation of 5,000 characters per month, providing ample opportunity to form an opinion of the software. Also, learn more about Rytr vs Jasper.

FAQs – Shortly AI Review

1. Is AI content writing worth it?

Absolutely! AI content writing offers immense value by streamlining the writing process, enhancing productivity, and generating high-quality content at scale. It’s a game-changer for individuals and businesses alike.

2. What is the best free AI writing software?

When it comes to the best free AI writing software, OpenAI’s GPT-3-based tools, such as OpenAI Playground or GPT-3 Demo, stand out as popular choices, providing users with a taste of AI-powered writing capabilities without any cost.

3. Is AI writer good for SEO?

Undoubtedly! AI writers can greatly benefit SEO efforts. They can generate keyword-rich content, optimize meta tags, create engaging blog posts, and even assist in content planning and optimization strategies, ultimately boosting search engine rankings and organic traffic.

4. Is ShortlyAI safe?

Yes, ShortlyAI is a safe AI writing tool. It follows strict security protocols to safeguard user data and ensure privacy. As with any online service, it’s always wise to exercise caution and adhere to best practices when sharing sensitive information.

5. Which AI tool is best for content writing?

Determining the best AI tool for content writing depends on specific needs and preferences. Market-leading options like OpenAI’s GPT-3, Copysmith, or Jasper AI offer powerful features, customizable outputs, and seamless integration, making them top contenders in the AI content writing landscape.

Conclusion – ShortlyAI Review

While AI writing assistants like ShortlyAI cannot replicate a specific tone or brand voice and may require fact-checking and editing, they can be valuable tools in overcoming writer’s block and streamlining the content creation process.

Discover further insights into the top AI content generators and learn when they can best serve your needs. And if you are looking for an AI script writer helpful for creative writing endeavors, check out the article with the list of the best script writer for storytelling.

ShortlyAI’s straightforward user interface, along with its ability to generate diverse forms of content, makes it an attractive option for users seeking a user-friendly AI writing assistant.

By exploring the pricing, pros, and cons of ShortlyAI, as well as its competitors, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your specific requirements.

Harness the power of AI to enhance your writing endeavors with ShortlyAI or one of its worthy alternatives. Get started with the ShortlyAI free trial and experience the benefits firsthand.

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