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Software For Time And Attendance | The Best App For Employee Time Tracking

Software For Time And Attendance

This guide will be helpful in finding the best software for time and attendance, no matter what type of business you have or what industry you’re in.

Time and attendance management systems allow you to keep track of the hours and payments of employees, which is critical for any company.

The best apps for employee time tracking are easy to set up and maintain. Your workers will always be paid appropriately for their efforts, while avoiding payroll bottlenecks.

That’s why the employee time tracking softwares integrate with the best payroll services.

Your business could be losing a significant amount of dollars every year if your existing system is faulty or obsolete.

So, if you’re looking for a current software for employee monitoring, you are at the right location.

Best Time And Attendance Management Systems In 2021

There are many employee time tracking softwares available. Some are great, while the others are mediocre.

The following 6 time and attendance management systems stand out from the rest:

  1. TimeClock Plus — Software for employee monitoring with secured access controls
  2. TSheets — App for employee time tracking with remote workers
  3. Kronos — Software for employee time tracking for small and midsize businesses
  4. Stratustime — Cloud based software for time and attendance
  5. iSolved Time — Software for employee monitoring in growing companies
  6. uAttend — App for employee time tracking for small businesses

Below, I’ll go over each option in greater detail. We’ll go through the most important features, advantages, price, and other factors so you can make an informed decision.

Time And Attendance Software Comparison

1.  TimeClock Plus — Software For Employee Monitoring With Secured Access Controls

TimeClock Plus - Software for time and attendance

TimeClock Plus provides software for employee monitoring at a low cost.

The hardware is top-notch. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that all their tools and features are of the highest standard.

TimeClock Plus offers a variety of time clock systems to choose from, depending on your business type.

Time Clock Options

  • Biometric: Hand and fingerprint scanners
  • Barcode: Employees use their badges for clocking in and out
  • PIN entry: Employees use their own PINs for clocking in and out
  • Magnetic swipe: Works with previous magstripe cards
  • Web: For keeping track of time online
  • Proximity: To ensure optimum performance and speed

TimeClock Plus works as a security feature in addition to utilizing specialized equipment to monitor time and attendance. You’ll be able to configure certain equipment with the door locks to avoid unauthorized entry into buildings, offices, or other locked entrance doors.

Larger organizations having complex security requirements can use this framework. For most businesses, employees don’t need to scan their fingerprints to access rooms in the building.

The TimeClock Plus system can be fully customized.

It also incorporates the employee scheduling system and has integrated absence management options. If you don’t already have one, you can make use of the TimeClock Plus workforce scheduling tool.

TimeClock Plus has been delivering services to companies for over 30 years. For each time and management system, they have high-end equipment.

Although these time clock systems may appear to be difficult to use, they make it simple for you.

You’ll have a meeting with one of their consultants to determine the best option for your business. They’ll install the service and train the staff on using it.

There are no rates available online since this is a completely custom solution. But keep in mind that advanced equipment, such as biometrics that syncs with your security systems can be quite expensive.

2. TSheets — App For Employee Time Tracking With Remote Workers

tsheets - software for time and attendance

TSheets is from Quickbooks, so you may already be familiar with them.

Your workers can use the timesheet app for employee time tracking to log hours from anywhere. Even if WiFi and mobile networks are unavailable, the app can keep track of time.

You may use geofencing technology to create a virtual perimeter around your company or workplace. This helps you to ensure that your workers are in the required area in order to complete the task.

The features for employee scheduling are also exceptional. This is a free feature included with your software for time and attendance.

You can use the TSheets Clock Kiosk if you are looking for a more conventional time tracking system. This way, your employees can clock in and out with the same unit. The kiosk functions with any computer or device that has an Internet connection.

Each worker has a four-digit pin that is unique to them. A biometric face recognition system is also included in the device to avoid others from punching in on someone’s behalf.

Here’s a brief breakdown of the plans and features:

Premium ($20 fixed fee + $8/month for each user)

  • GPS-enabled smartphone app
  • Any device for time tracking
  • Integration with QuickBooks
  • Invoicing and payroll
  • Reporting in real time
  • Kiosk with time clock (including face recognition)
  • Scheduling of employees

Elite ($40 fixed fee + $10/month for each user)

  • Signatures on timesheets
  • Access to all features of the Premium plan
  • Keep track of the project’s progress.
  • Estimates and activity feed for the project
  • Geofencing

Any company that wants to try out both plans can do so on a 14-day free trial.

I would recommend TSheets for businesses looking for an app for employee time tracking to help with payroll. TSheets can be integrated with QuickBooks, Square, Gusto, Xero, Expensify, and other common softwares.

3. Kronos — Software For Employee Time Tracking For Small And Midsize Businesses


Kronos provides one of the most comprehensive software for employee time tracking. The system is ideal for small to medium-sized enterprises.

They offer industry-relevant solutions for a variety of business needs.

Along with the software for employee monitoring, Kronos offers tools for workforce management, absence management, employee scheduling, analytics, and labor operations.

The following industries commonly use Kronos software for time and attendance:

  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Educational facilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Contracting
  • Government and state
  • Banks
  • Distribution and logistics
  • Law enforcement and corrections

The way Kronos provides business solutions is what sets them apart. They offer a variety of products to meet the organization’s requirements.

Here’s a short rundown of what each solution entails:

Workforce Dimensions (Time Keeping)

  • Separate resources for salaried and hourly workers
  • Monitor worker time and attendance
  • Tools for automating administrative tasks
  • Reports and data in real-time

Workforce Ready (Time Keeping)

  • Self-service options for managers and employees
  • Flexible payment rules to monitor and control labor costs
  • Monitoring tools to enforce the attendance policy
  • Different collection methods (including time clock, mobile, and web app)

Workforce Dimensions (Data Collection)

  • Data collection with mobile devices, badges, phone access, and biometrics
  • Data to make management decisions
  • Efficient data flow
  • Multi-environment devices and a common device manager

Workforce Ready (Data Collection)

  • Clocking in and out with badge swipe, finger or proximity
  • Kronos InTouch (time clock with modern and slim hardware)
  • App for employees bound geographically with punch restrictions
  • Web-based clocking in and out

For almost anything, there is a product suite. Some of them are more complex compared to others. It’s all based on what your company needs.

Kronos is a bit more difficult to scale if you’re a larger organization. It is, however, ideal for small to medium-sized businesses that need software for employee time tracking.

No matter what solution you go for, Kronos systems are secure, reliable. Contact them for a quote and set up a consultation with their sales team.

4. Stratustime — Cloud Based Software For Time And Attendance


Stratustime is a cloud-based software for time and attendance offered by Nettime Solutions.

Employees can check in, check out and log time off using an easy and intuitive system.

Anyone can use it because it’s quite simple. Managers, workers, and payroll personnel can benefit from the service.

Stratustime is versatile, with plans and features for businesses of all sizes. This means it will scale with the business as it expands and hires new staff.

It can be integrated with more than 60 payroll systems to establish a smooth workflow across all HR components.

It can be used from any device since it is a cloud-based system. Stratustime is accessible 24/7, from office computers or even smartphones.

Stratustime has a number of notable features, including:

  • Easy-to-understand schedule views
  • Ability to check in and out from any location
  • Paid time off accruals
  • Timekeeping
  • Sick leave
  • Requests for time off
  • Tools for employee scheduling
  • Simple approvals from managers
  • Notifications
  • Time forecasting
  • ACA compliance
  • Geofencing

Even though the exact rates and plans aren’t shown on the website, Stratustime is a cost-effective solution. It is one of the reasons why it’s a popular option among small businesses.

The monthly plans can be as low as $4/employee. They don’t come with any long-term commitments, so if you’re not satisfied, you can stop the service at any time.

You won’t have to deal with complex troubleshooting issues or equipment installations if you use a cloud-based application like Stratustime. Since the software is hosted on the cloud, it can be set up in a few minutes.

There are many positive reviews about the system from existing Stratustime users. This software for time and attendance is ideal for smaller companies with one or many locations, and remote workers.

5.  iSolved Time — Software For Employee Monitoring In Growing Companies

iSolved Time

Another good all-in-one software for employee monitoring is iSolved Time. It’s a straightforward method for managers, company owners, supervisors, and workers to track time.

The solutions offered include a physical time clock, employee self-service options, and a mobile app for employee time tracking.

It’s fast and simple to set up the iSolved Time system. You’ll also get access to a variety of training tools so you can learn everything about the product.

iSolved Time software is a cloud-based solution, as some of the other options on the list. You can install physical time clocks at your workplace, but it is accessible 24/7 from anywhere if you have an Internet connection.

The following are the key features of the iSolved Time system:

  • Tools for employee scheduling
  • Geofencing
  • Tools for time management
  • Able to handle remote staff and multiple locations
  • Advanced HR integration
  • Different methods of time tracking (physical clock, virtual, mobile app)

I recommend iSolved Time because it has the capabilities and features to meet the needs of any company. As a result, it’s a great option for those businesses experiencing growth.

iSolved Time has the capacity to scale with your business as you add new members to your group or locations.

6. uAttend — App For Employee Time Tracking For Small Businesses


uAttend is an easy app for employee time tracking at your company. It’s an affordable, reliable, and powerful replacement for conventional time clocks.

You’ll have online and mobile app links to the system thanks to its cloud-based setup. Their modern equipment is connected to the cloud. This is a great option for remote employees. You can also use the geofencing feature to limit punches to specific locations.

The online dashboard is ideal for managers who want to see it all at once. It shows who’s on time, who’s late, and a slew of other statistics.

You won’t have to install any software because this solution is web-based, and it can be viewed from anywhere. Even if you’re not in the workplace, you’ll always be aware of what’s going on in your team.

Here’s a short rundown of common uAttend time clocks and system hardware:

  • RFID Card LAN ($119)
  • Fingerprint LAN ($149)
  • Touch Tablet WiFi ($179)
  • RFID Card WiFi ($219)
  • Fingerprint WiFi ($249)
  • Facial Recognition LAN ($259)

The time clock can cost anywhere from $120 – $260, depending on your requirements. And small businesses will find this very affordable.

You can also buy key fobs and RFID cards from uAttend along with time clocks.

Every time clock comes on a monthly plan depending on the total employees. Without a subscription plan, the clocks will not work.

The following are the plans and pricing structure:

  • 1 to 9 employees ($20/month)
  • 10 to 19 employees ($34/month)
  • 20 to 49 employees ($59/month)
  • 50 to 99 employees ($94/month)
  • 100 or more employees ($119/ month)

Although uAttend has plans that work for large companies, I would recommend it for smaller businesses. It’s a great option for companies in the first two levels (with around 19 employees).

How To Select The Best Software For Time And Attendance

Now that we’ve gone over the list, it’s time to pick a software for employee monitoring that works for you.

But how do you determine the best software for time and attendance? Simply use the following methodology to shortlist your options.

These are the same criteria I used to compile this list. I’ll go over the features that you need to keep an eye out for while analyzing your options.

Size Of The Business

The time-attendance management systems of a four-person startup team and a mid-market company with 200 employees would not be the same. It’s critical to pick a system that’s appropriate for your company’s size.

There are many factors to consider in this situation. Some systems bill you based on the number of employees. You would also have to pay extra for items like ID cards and key FOBs.

If you’re a small business that is just starting out, make sure to select a system that can scale with your company’s growth. This way, you won’t have to move systems when you recruit more staff or open new locations.


The first step is to decide if you need physical equipment to go along with your software for time and attendance.

A modern time clock is a viable alternative for businesses that already have punch cards. This is recommended for businesses that have most of their workers on-site at a given location. It makes more sense to punch in and out to access and leave the building.

Hardware is not necessary for those businesses with smaller teams or a large number of remote employees. You can find an app for employee time tracking so that you can handle everything on the go. There are even web-based systems that do not require using any hardware.


Your software for time and attendance should be able to do more than just tracking time. To reduce manual administrative work, it should be able to integrate with other resources you’re using.

Go with a system that can integrate with your payroll software or employee scheduling system. These features are built-in to some of the software on the list.

Punching System

The punching system would obviously be based on whether or not you are using any hardware. However, there are still differences regardless of physical hardware.

For instance, geofencing technology can be used to handle punching through a mobile app. Your employees would have the ability to clock in only if they access the designated job site.

For in-person clocking in and out, there are time clock systems that operate with pins, fingerprints, RFID cards, face recognition, hand scans, and more.

A small boutique store is unlikely to use face recognition or other biometrics for the punching system. However, an advanced company with complex security requirements would be able to take advantage of it.

Final Thoughts

So what is the best software for time and attendance?

Here are my recommended options:

  1. TimeClock Plus — Software for employee monitoring with secured access controls
  2. TSheets — App for employee time tracking with remote workers
  3. Kronos — Software for employee time tracking for small and midsize businesses
  4. Stratustime — Cloud based software for time and attendance
  5. iSolved Time — Software for employee monitoring in growing companies
  6. uAttend — App for employee time tracking for small businesses

TSheets is the best choice if you’re already using QuickBooks or have a large number of remote employees.

For big corporations, one name stands out from the rest – TimeClock Plus. You get all the features you need, including safe access control.

Small companies can choose from a variety of time and attendance management systems.

Stratustime is the best overall for smaller activities. If you’re a small business looking for a ready-to-use solution, Kronos is the way to go. If your company is small but growing quickly, iSolved Time is a fantastic solution that will scale with your growth.

Microbusinesses and other small companies, on the other hand, will get just what they are looking for using uAttend.

The best choice for your business will differ depending on your requirements and other aspects that I’ve mentioned in this post. However, I am sure that you will be able to find a system using the factors mentioned above.

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