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PrizeRebel Review 2024: Is PrizeRebel Legit for Surveys?

prizerebel review

In this PrizeRebel review, let’s dive deep into the survey site to determine if it’s a legitimate platform worth your time and effort.

PrizeRebel is a well-established survey site that has been operating since 2007. With over 14 million users, it has gained a reputation as a popular destination for individuals looking to earn rewards online. But is PsswrizeRebel legit?

PrizeRebel Review: Key Takeaways

  • PrizeRebel is a legitimate survey site that has been operating since 2007.
  • With over 14 million users, PrizeRebel offers a wide range of opportunities to earn rewards online.
  • PrizeRebel provides various cash-out options, including gift cards, cash via PayPal, and more.
  • While PrizeRebel has a high disqualification rate for surveys, there are still plenty of earning opportunities available.
  • Users have reported positive experiences with PrizeRebel’s survey partners, monthly promos, and responsive support team.

PrizeRebel Basics

This survey aggregator connects users with surveys from different market research companies. As a popular survey site, it offers users the opportunity to earn rewards by participating in surveys and completing offers.

One of the key features of PrizeRebel is its wide range of cash-out options. Users can choose from various redemption options, including:

  • Gift cards
  • Online games
  • Cash (via PayPal)
  • Raffle/contest entries

Redemption options start at just 10 points for raffle tickets and 200 points for gift cards, making it easy for users to cash out their earnings and enjoy their rewards. The flexibility in cash-out options makes PrizeRebel appealing to a wide range of users.

Whether you prefer to redeem your points for gift cards, enjoy online games, or receive cash directly, PrizeRebel provides multiple avenues for you to enjoy your hard-earned rewards.

Redemption OptionPoints Required
Gift cards200 points+
Online gamesVaries
Cash (via PayPal)500 points+
Raffle/contest entries10 points+

Five Key Facts About PrizeRebel

prizerebel overview

When considering PrizeRebel as a survey site, it’s important to be aware of several key facts that can help you navigate the platform and maximize your earnings.

1. High Survey Disqualification Rate

PrizeRebel has a relatively high survey disqualification rate, with about 71% of attempted surveys resulting in disqualification. This means that while you may not qualify for every survey, it’s still possible to find surveys that are a good fit for you.

2. Wide Range of Survey Values

Surveys on PrizeRebel offer a wide range of values. Successful completion payouts can range from 16 cents to 74 cents, with an average payout value of 59 cents.

It’s important to keep in mind that the value of each survey may vary based on its length, complexity, and target audience.

3. Best Survey Hours

The best survey hours on PrizeRebel for users in the U.S. and Canada are typically weekdays between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. During these hours, survey availability tends to be higher, increasing your chances of finding and completing surveys successfully.

4. Attention Check Questions

To ensure respondent attentiveness and prevent survey fraud, surveys on PrizeRebel often include attention check questions. These questions are designed to gauge your attention and honesty.

Paying close attention to these questions and answering them accurately is important to maintain a reliable survey profile.

5. Accurate Completion Times

The expected completion times provided for surveys on PrizeRebel are generally accurate. This means that the estimated duration of surveys is a reliable indicator of the time commitment required for completion.

It’s advisable to factor in the estimated completion time when planning your survey-taking sessions.

By keeping these key facts in mind, you can approach PrizeRebel surveys with a better understanding of the platform and optimize your earning potential.

Ways to Earn Money on PrizeRebel

If you’re looking to earn money on PrizeRebel, there are multiple avenues available, including surveys, offer walls, and the “Win” section. Each of these options provides unique opportunities to accumulate points and rewards for your efforts.

1. Surveys

PrizeRebel partners with various survey platforms, offering a wide range of surveys with different payout rates, time requirements, and personal information demands.

By taking surveys, you can earn points based on the length and complexity of each survey. The more surveys you complete, the more points you can accumulate and redeem for rewards.

For an alternative survey site, check out the following article: Is Survey Junkie legit?

2. Offer Walls

Offer walls on PrizeRebel present a variety of tasks and promotions from partner platforms. These tasks might include signing up for trials, downloading apps, watching videos, or completing other online activities.

By engaging with these offers, you can earn points that contribute to your overall rewards. Keep an eye out for new offers that match your interests and preferences.

3. “Win” Section

The “Win” section on PrizeRebel provides additional opportunities to boost your earnings. This section features raffles, lucky numbers jackpot draws, and contests. By participating in these activities, you can earn extra points based on your performance or random luck.

Raffles offer the chance to win various prizes, while the lucky numbers jackpot draws reward users whose numbers match the ones drawn weekly. Contest participation can also yield points by completing offers, surveys, or referring others to PrizeRebel.

Earning money on PrizeRebel is a simple process. By taking surveys, completing offers, and participating in the “Win” section, you can accumulate points and redeem them for a wide variety of rewards that cater to your preferences.

PrizeRebel’s “Win” Section

The “Win” section of PrizeRebel provides users with exciting opportunities to earn additional points through raffles, lucky numbers jackpot draws, and contests.

By participating in these activities, users can increase their chances of winning attractive prizes while enjoying the rewards offered by PrizeRebel.


Raffles are a popular feature of the “Win” section on PrizeRebel. Users have the option to purchase tickets using their earned points for a chance to win various prizes.

These prizes can range from gift cards or prepaid credit cards to additional loyalty points, enabling users to choose rewards that suit their preferences and needs.

Lucky Numbers Jackpot Draws

In the “Win” section, users can also take part in lucky numbers jackpot draws. Each week, a set of numbers is drawn, and users who have matching numbers in their accounts can win a corresponding amount of points.

This adds an exciting element of anticipation and luck to PrizeRebel, providing users with an additional chance to increase their earnings.


Contests are another way for users to boost their point accumulation on PrizeRebel. By completing offers, surveys, or referring others to the platform, users can earn contest entries and compete for rewards.

The more active and engaged users are, the higher their chances of winning points through these contests. This feature encourages users to explore different opportunities and maximize their earning potential on PrizeRebel.

With the “Win” section, PrizeRebel goes beyond traditional surveys and offers users dynamic and engaging ways to enhance their earning experience.

Whether it’s purchasing raffle tickets, participating in lucky numbers jackpot draws, or entering contests, users can enjoy the thrill of potentially winning exciting prizes while accumulating points on PrizeRebel.

Other PrizeRebel Features

how does prizerebel work

PrizeRebel offers a range of additional features to enhance the user experience and increase earning potential. These features include:

Daily Challenge Bonus

The Daily Challenge Bonus allows users to earn extra points by meeting daily challenge goals. By completing a specified number of tasks or surveys each day, users can accumulate bonus points, boosting their overall earnings.

Referral Program

The Referral Program enables users to earn points when friends and family sign up using their unique referral URL.

For each referred user who successfully joins PrizeRebel, the referring user receives a percentage of their earnings, creating a rewarding network effect.

Account Levels

PrizeRebel features an account level system that rewards users as they obtain more points. As users progress through the different levels, they unlock additional benefits such as higher earning potential, faster reward processing times, and access to exclusive offers.

Promo Codes

PrizeRebel occasionally releases promo codes on their social media accounts, providing users with opportunities to earn free points. These codes can be entered on the PrizeRebel website to instantly add bonus points to a user’s account.

Browser Extension

PrizeRebel offers a convenient browser extension that enhances the user experience. The extension provides notifications for new surveys and offers, updates on account status and points balance, and easier access to referral rewards.

It is a valuable tool for active PrizeRebel users seeking to maximize their earning potential.

Daily Challenge BonusEarn extra points by meeting daily challenge goals
Referral ProgramReceive points for referring new users
Account LevelsUnlock additional benefits as you earn more points
Promo CodesRedeem codes for free points
Browser ExtensionEnhance your PrizeRebel experience with browser notifications and easy access to rewards

PrizeRebel Users’ Experiences

PrizeRebel has garnered positive feedback from its users, who have expressed satisfaction with various aspects of the platform.

These user experiences shed light on PrizeRebel’s strengths, including its diverse survey partners, transparency in selecting survey platforms, and regular monthly promotions that offer higher point rewards.

One notable aspect appreciated by users is the variety of survey partners available on PrizeRebel. This ensures a wide range of survey options with different payout rates, providing users with ample opportunities to earn points.

The transparency in selecting survey platforms is also commendable, as users can see the specific details of each survey before deciding whether to participate.

prizerebel trustpilot

Another positive aspect highlighted by users is the availability of monthly promotions on PrizeRebel.

These promotions offer higher point rewards for completing surveys, providing users with the opportunity to earn more points within a specific timeframe. This adds an element of excitement and increased earning potential for users who actively participate.

While users have generally reported positive experiences with PrizeRebel, some have mentioned that the reward claim process can sometimes take longer than desired.

However, users have also noted that as they reach higher account levels, the reward claim process becomes faster and more efficient.

The support team at PrizeRebel has also received praise for their responsiveness and helpfulness in addressing user issues. Users appreciate the prompt assistance provided by the support team when encountering any challenges or technical difficulties while using the platform.

Overall, user experiences with PrizeRebel reflect the platform’s positive reputation.

The diversity of survey partners, transparency in selecting survey platforms, availability of monthly promotions, and responsive support team contribute to a satisfying user experience for those looking to earn rewards through surveys.

PrizeRebel Review Verdict

PrizeRebel is a legitimate and safe survey site that has been in operation since 2007.

With over 14 million users and a track record of consistently paying out rewards, it is a trustworthy platform. Multiple payment proofs have been provided to support the legitimacy of PrizeRebel.

PrizeRebel has built a strong reputation as a reliable and reputable survey site. Its longevity in the industry, having been around for over a decade, demonstrates its stability and commitment to providing a trustworthy platform for users to earn rewards.

In terms of user safety, PrizeRebel has implemented robust security measures to protect user data and ensure a safe browsing experience.

The site uses SSL encryption to safeguard personal information and employs strict privacy policies to maintain user confidentiality.

The availability of multiple payment proofs further solidifies PrizeRebel’s legitimacy. Users have successfully received their rewards and shared their payment proofs, providing evidence of the site’s reliability and credibility.

PrizeRebel takes pride in its commitment to prompt and accurate reward delivery. The platform offers a wide range of redemption options, including gift cards, PayPal cash, and other valuable rewards.

This variety allows users to choose their preferred method of payment and enjoy the rewards they have earned.

Overall, PrizeRebel stands as a reputable and safe survey site, backed by its long-standing presence in the industry, numerous satisfied users, and verifiable payment proofs.

Individuals looking to earn rewards through surveys can confidently consider PrizeRebel as a legitimate and reliable platform.

– Long-standing presence since 2007– Survey disqualification rate can be high
– Trustworthy and reliable platform– Earnings may vary based on survey availability
– Multiple payment proofs available– Limited earning opportunities compared to full-time employment
– Wide range of redemption options– Rewards may take time to accumulate


Is PrizeRebel a legitimate survey site?

Yes, PrizeRebel is a legitimate paid survey and offer site that has been operating since 2007. It has over 14 million users and a track record of consistently paying out rewards, making it a trustworthy platform.

What cash-out options does PrizeRebel offer?

PrizeRebel offers various cash-out options, including gift cards, online games, cash (via PayPal), and raffle/contest entries. Redemption options start as low as 10 points for raffle tickets and 200 points for gift cards.

What is the survey disqualification rate on PrizeRebel?

The survey disqualification rate on PrizeRebel is 71%. This means that 71% of attempted surveys result in disqualification.

What is the average payout for completed surveys on PrizeRebel?

Surveys on PrizeRebel have a wide range of values, with successful completion payouts ranging from 16 cents to 74 cents, averaging at 59 cents.

When is the best time to take surveys on PrizeRebel?

The best survey hours for the U.S. and Canada on PrizeRebel are weekdays between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Do surveys on PrizeRebel include attention check questions?

Yes, surveys on PrizeRebel often include attention check questions to ensure respondent attentiveness.

Are the expected completion times for surveys on PrizeRebel accurate?

Yes, the expected completion times for surveys on PrizeRebel are generally accurate.

How does the “Win” section on PrizeRebel work?

The “Win” section allows users to participate in raffles, lucky numbers jackpot draws, and contests to earn additional points based on their performance.

How much can I expect to earn on PrizeRebel?

Based on personal experience, our review earned $5.53 on PrizeRebel after completing nine out of 31 attempted surveys. The overall earnings rate was $1.46 per hour.

Is PrizeRebel a safe site?

Yes, PrizeRebel is a safe survey site that has been in operation since 2007. It has a proven track record of paying out rewards and has provided multiple payment proofs to support its legitimacy.

Conclusion: Is PrizeRebel Legit?

PrizeRebel offers a legitimate and accessible way to earn rewards through surveys, offers, games, and more.

Despite the frustrating disqualification rate, the site provides a wide range of earning opportunities and cash-out options, making it a viable choice for those interested in earning rewards online.

Based on personal experience and positive user feedback, PrizeRebel demonstrates the potential to be a reliable and rewarding survey site.

With over 14 million users and a history of consistently paying out rewards since 2007, it has established itself as a trustworthy platform in the industry.

For individuals seeking to earn rewards online, PrizeRebel’s variety of earning methods, diverse cash-out options, and positive user experiences make it worthy of consideration.

While the disqualification rate can be discouraging, the earning potential and the site’s legitimacy make PrizeRebel an appealing option to explore.

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