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Money Robot Review | How To Use Money Robot And Its Features

money robot review

Searching for a detailed Money Robot review? You’ve come to the right spot.

In order to rank high in search engine results, there are a number of things to keep in mind while doing search engine optimization (SEO). Yet one of the most significant aspects is the backlink profile of your website.

The most common approach is to create the links manually. But what if you want to drastically increase the number of backlinks?

The manual method may not work because it is a time-intensive and demanding task, especially when working with a large number of backlinks.

Fortunately, there is software available to assist you in simplifying your backlink operations, and Money Robot is one of them that can automate the process.

In this article, I’ll cover everything that you need to know, including Money Robot Submitter, how easy it is to use, the benefits and drawbacks, and the supported features for users trying to improve their rankings.

We’ll also look at some of its competitors so you can determine whether the too is suitable for you or if you would prefer something else.

Let’s see if this tool is just hype or if it can get the job done as advertised!

What Is Money Robot?

what is money robot

Money Robot is a feature-rich and reasonably priced backlinking software that automates the process and provides an efficient way to increase search engine rankings.

It can get through complex and common captchas, do account creation and submissions automatically, and comes with backlink-building templates. The software is user-friendly and includes detailed instructional videos. In terms of the cost, the tool is reasonable compared to its competitors.

Money Robot doesn’t work on MAC unless you use a remote desktop server. It needs a VPS for good performances and is generally slow when it comes to indexing and submissions. The user interface is outdated and needs some improvement.

How To Use Money Robot

This is a simple solution for automating the link-building activities for your website. To begin, simply go to the website, select a payment method, and complete the checkout process.

After that, you are able to do the software installation on your computer. It’s worth noting that Money Robot can only be used on Windows. As a result, if you own a MAC, you are out of luck unless you use a remote desktop connection.

Log in to the dashboard after it has been installed.

Next, click the “Create New Campaign” button. You must next give the campaign a name and select your desired backlinking diagram showing the linking pattern. Money Robot features a number of backlinking diagrams that you can choose from.

how to use money robot - new campaign

The backlinking structure simply shows how the Money Robot tool should build tiered links or a network of blogs to the site. It comes with a variety of options, including a link pyramid or link wheel. You may even link a bunch of them together to create an advanced structure.

After that, you can input the URL of the target website or YouTube link to the video that you want to gain backlinks for. This field is located on the left of the screen.

Then, below the site or video link, put the keywords you want to rank for. Next, in the space below paste your content including the heading (article).

Money Robot then takes control and begins setting up email accounts, validating them, and expanding the entire network.

There is also the feature to generate articles from scratch if you do not already have the content.

When you are done completing all the fields, simply click Start Campaign and the software will begin the process. It will begin to automatically generate accounts and submit content to create backlinks.

Money Robot Submitter

Money Robot is high-quality link-building software that helps sites and YouTube channels rank higher in search engine results. It is able to do this by helping with the creation of backlinks from various resources like social bookmarking websites, web directories, web 2.0 blogs, article directories, etc.

It may also send social signals to your website by creating social media accounts.

The goal of the software is to alleviate the headaches associated with link building by providing a hands-off approach to increasing search engine rankings.

Money Robot Features

money robot features

What features are supported by Money Robot? Let’s have a look at some of the most notable features!

1. Money Robot Browser

The Money Robot Browser lets you automatically create and maintain accounts on social media.

2. Effective Captcha Solver

Compared to most of its competitors, this program incorporates a captcha solution rather than requiring you to use a third-party solution. This not only includes easy captchas but also more complex ones. This expedites the creation of accounts and the submission activity.

3. Article Creation Tool

Money Robot does not need a third-party tool for creating articles because it includes one.

The technology can generate content if you don’t have it ready and rewrite it to create unique versions of the same content.

4. Money Robot Proxies

Normally, software like this requires the use of third-party proxies. However, Money Robot includes proxies for various features.

5. Money Robot Backlink Builder

Manually creating backlinks is time-consuming. Money Robot allows you to automate the activity by automatically creating accounts, doing article submissions, as well as taking care of the link insertion procedure.

6. Templates For Link Building

You can utilize the software’s templates for backlinks to develop a link-building strategy. These are diagrams that show how the link network will be created and how your website will get backlinks. You can also combine different diagrams to create something more advanced and unique.

7. Money Robot Traffic Generator

This functionality is accessible through a social, traffic, and video tab. You can add likes and social shares to your URLs using the social tab. Similarly, you can direct real traffic and likes to your YouTube channel using the video tab.

A traffic generator for the search engine is also available, which directs visitors from search engines to your site. This is a way to improve your position on search engines and YouTube.

Web Properties Used By Money Robot

how to market - Etsy digital product marketing

A number of online properties are supported by the backlink-building service. It will set up accounts on these networks and links to your site from them:

  • Social bookmarking websites
  • Posting on Social Networks
  • Web directories
  • Web 2.0 profiles
  • Web 2.0 blogs
  • Social network posts
  • Wiki articles
  • Article directories
  • Press releases
  • Forum profiles

Money Robot SEO Software – Benefits And Drawbacks


  • It can evade both common and complex captchas
  • Money Robot automatically submits the links, eliminating the need for building links manually
  • They have a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product
  • If you don’t have the content ready, you can use the program to generate articles automatically
  • The application features a search engine and YouTube traffic generator to leapfrog your SEO efforts
  • The software includes a keyword research tool that you may use to get the ideal keywords for the campaign
  • Money Robot comes with proxies as well as the capability to automatically create and validate email and user accounts
  • It provides link-building diagrams or templates to select from which you can choose to combine for an advanced strategy


  • The software only works on Windows and not with the MAC operating system. As a result, MAC users cannot use the tool unless they work with a remote desktop server
  • Although it provides a free trial, it does not fully show the tool’s capabilities
  • Money Robot’s site and user interface appear to be quite outdated. If visual appeal and design are important to you, this could be an issue
  • The time it takes for backlink indexing is significantly higher compared to its competitors
  • It requires a great amount of processing power. Therefore you’ll almost certainly need to deploy a VPS or remote desktop server to operate your campaign efficiently

Money Robot Pricing

The Money Robot SEO software provides two payment options:

  • Monthly subscription {$67/month)
  • Software lifetime license (one-time payment of $497)

The lifetime license means that you only need to make a payment once for the software, rather than on a monthly basis.

They accept a number of methods for payment, including Bitcoin if you are a crypto enthusiast.

Free Trial & Refund Policy

Money Robot provides a 7-day free trial for you to test out the tool before committing to it. If you want to go all-in, there’s a money-back guarantee within 7 days.

If you try the product and don’t think it’s a good fit, you can request a complete refund within 7 days.

Customer Service

customer service - selling digital downloads on etsy

Money Robot provides English and Spanish speakers with customer support via a helpdesk ticketing system, email, and Skype. There is also a Facebook community where you can get your questions answered by other users of the product. Additionally, there is a forum that you can join to find answers to frequently asked questions.

Their support also guarantees a response within 4 hours to questions asked on their channels.

Money Robot Alternative

There are a number of solutions available for building backlinks. Each software comes with its own set of features.

Let’s take a look at different Money Robot alternatives.

1. GSA Search Engine Ranker – Money Robot vs GSA

GSA Search Engine Ranker is another popular backlink-building software available in the market today.

It is, however, quite advanced compared to other SEO tools. The application has a sophisticated interface with several categories and menus, which might be complex for less-experienced users. You must also configure your emails, proxies, and captchas. Money Robot, on the other hand, has built-in captcha solvers for submitting content easily.

Similar to Money Robot, it needs a high level of computer processing capacity to efficiently finish campaigns. You would also need to get a VPS.

GSA Search Engine Ranker also has a single payment option for $99, which is significantly less than Money Robot’s lifetime subscription.

The program even includes free updates. Only Windows systems are supported by the software. To run the solution on a MAC operating system, the users will need to work with a remote desktop server.

2. RANKwyz

You can use this tool to manage the following tasks:

  • Embedding videos, images and translating content
  • Check the ranking of any blog
  • Manage accounts for Web2.0, PBN, and bookmarking sites
  • Post and schedule relevant content
  • Divide your work into projects
  • Create multi-tiered networks
  • Track SEO backlinks and metrics

RANKwyz is also browser-based, therefore there is no requirement for a VPS like with Money Robot.

The tool offers a free plan with restricted capabilities. The subscription plans start at $97 on a monthly basis or $81 a month if billed annually.

But, comparing RANKwyz and Money Robot, you might find the customer care service of Money Robot to be better because they respond faster than the other.

3. Magic Submitter

Magic Submitter is a piece of software that not only automates link submission but also provides users with built-in bots for submitting their links to various websites.

This feature distinguishes it from Money Robot, which only lets you submit to pre-selected websites rather than the ones that you choose. It also includes built-in bots that can submit to different pre-set websites. Unfortunately, the tool appears to lag behind in this regard, as it does not always have a success rate of 100% for the campaigns.

This is partly due to the fact that built-in bots are not often updated. If you choose this tool, you may have to work with a custom bot.

That being said, if you are concerned about the technicalities of developing your bot, it’s quite simple. Just click a few buttons, and the software will record the actions for later execution.

But, since websites evolve, you will need to update your bots on a regular basis. Hence, when it comes to being user-friendly, Money Robot is the clear winner.

In terms of pricing, Magic Submitter has a 1-month paid trial for $4.95. Following that period, the price is $67 per month, similar to Money Robot.

It also lacks Money Robot’s single payment option for lifetime access.

Final Thoughts – Money Robot Review

That concludes my Money Robot Submitter review!

So, is Money Robot SEO Software worth it?

Money Robot is a sophisticated backlinking automation tool that is helpful for simplifying the time-consuming process of manually developing backlinks. It also has many features that allow you to follow a hands-off approach, such as automated article creation, an integrated captcha solver, and proxies.

It also comes with additional features such as directing search engine traffic to your site, and YouTube channel, and obtaining social media likes and shares. Moreover, you can automate the process of creating and maintaining accounts on social media.

In terms of payment options, it includes a free trial for 7 days. After this period, you can either get a monthly subscription or lifetime access for a one-time payment.

Overall, this tool offers nearly everything needed for a good SEO backlink-building strategy.

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