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Social Media Integrations | How To Integrate Your Blog With Social Media

social media integrations

In this article, I will go through 5 tips for social media integrations and strategies. This involves integrating your blog with social media for better visibility and conversion.

Running a blog today is often part of many companies’ marketing and social media strategies. A blog is a great way to share valuable information with your followers and customers. 

Many small business owners have a hard time finding time to create new content to post every day or week. Use your blog for inspiration and ideas to create content

The blog makes your brand visible and leads your visitors through the steps in the sales funnel. If your articles get shared often, Google recognizes this, and your page ranks higher in the search results.

5 Social Media Integration Strategies

  1. Sharing buttons for social media integrations
  2. Post a link to an article
  3. Create images with quotes
  4. Older articles for social Integrations
  5. Promote your blog in different groups

1. Sharing Buttons For Social Media Integrations

Social Sharing Buttons - social media integrations

You need to make it simple for the visitors to your blog to share the article with their friends on social media

Many WordPress themes come with built-in share buttons. If your theme lacks that capability, there are many great plugins you can use. 

AddThis or Grow Social are good options. They both have free versions with a lot of different settings. They also work well on mobile, which is a must today. 

If you are active on Twitter, you can also use ClickToTweet to share short quotes from the blog with a link to read more. This is useful for readers on the go that don’t want to read the whole article.

Also compare different plugins for sharing to see how they affect the speed of the website. This is because speed is a factor that can impact your Google rankings. There are tests and comparisons online if you are unsure.

Finally, encourage your followers to share the article with their friends on social media. You will be amazed at how much of a difference it can make by just asking.

2. Post A Link To An Article

link to an article

Yes, you probably know that you must share your blogs to reach as many people as possible. But I’ll go over it anyway.

An easy way is to set up automatic sharing in WordPress. Then when you publish, the posts are shared right away on selected platforms. 

Personally, I like to customize my posts and vary the text a little bit. So, I upload them manually in Creator Studio and set up a schedule. 

You should keep track of the analytics to see which channel generates the highest number of visitors. Try different types of posts to see what drives the most amount of traffic. Different types of posts are ranked differently by the algorithm.

In addition to posting a link to an article in the feed, try to vary it with:

  • a quote from the blog
  • ask a question
  • post a relevant image and link in the text

3. Create Images With Quotes

images with quotes

Posts with images create greater engagement and your blog is a goldmine for creating posts on social media. From your blogs, you can create images with quotes and share them on social media. 

If you use Canva, it will be easy to create images that stand out from the crowd. This method works especially well for Instagram. Also, try using a recurring hashtag for images that are related to your blog.

However, if you are going to use the image for paid advertising, overlaying with text is not recommended. Facebook reduces its reach if it contains too many characters.

4. Older Articles For Social Integrations

older articles for social integrations

As I’ve written about it before, repost your best pieces again. When sharing on social media, do not limit yourself to just new content from your blog. You can share older blog posts that are relevant and popular with your followers. Check the analytics to see the blog posts that have driven a lot of traffic.

You may have new followers who have not seen some of your older content. Vary the posts with different images, headings, and types of posts so that they do not become too repetitive for old followers.

Update and refresh older blog posts and share them again. This could mean updating the text to keep them relevant and current, or adding new images and other forms of media.

5. Promote Your Blog In Different Groups

blog in different groups

Finally, share your posts appropriately in different groups on social media, such as Facebook. Being active in discussion groups on social media can drive a lot of traffic to your blog. 

The important thing here is not to be focused on just selling products or services. Join discussions and post valuable information with references to your blog. In these ways, you build trust and show your expertise in the industry. This in turn increases the chance of a follower becoming a new customer.


As you can see, there are many social media integration strategies that you can use today. You can integrate a blog with your social media marketing. 

Get started and use the tips I have mentioned above to create content for social media. Keep track of your analytics to see how they impact the traffic to your blog. Do not forget your goal with the traffic you are driving to the blog. 

Are they subscribing to your newsletter, buying a product, or contacting you for a quote? Be clear and set a goal so that you can get better results.

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