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ProWritingAid Review | Is ProWritingAid Worth The Money?

ProWritingAid review

In this honest ProWritingAid review and analysis, we’ll delve into the depths of this remarkable writing tool.

Are you ready to supercharge your writing skills? Brace yourself because this article will give you the lowdown on all aspects of ProWritingAid’s grammar tool, leaving no stone unturned.

So, let’s embark on this thrilling writing adventure together!

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What Is ProWritingAid?

Have you ever wished for a personal English teacher, sitting right there on your shoulder, ready to guide you through the writing process?

Well, that’s precisely what ProWritingAid promises to be. Whether you’re a fiction writer, a blogger, or anyone who creates written content, this grammar checker tool is here to make your life easier.

Who Should Use ProWritingAid?

ProWritingAid is a versatile tool suitable for a wide range of writers. Whether you are a content writer seeking to refine your skills, a fiction writer aiming to captivate readers, or someone who needs to convey knowledge and professionalism through letters, emails, and reports, ProWritingAid provides invaluable assistance.

While free spell checkers within tools like Microsoft Word and Google Docs may suffice for casual writing, ProWritingAid’s comprehensive features elevate the quality and effectiveness of your writing, making it a valuable investment in your writing journey.

Key Features Of ProWritingAid: ProWriting Aid Review

prowritingaid review

ProWritingAid boasts a plethora of features designed to revolutionize your writing experience. Let’s take a closer look at some of its standout features:

1. Language Selection: Tailored To Your Needs

ProWritingAid understands that language preferences vary, which is why it offers a range of options.

In the settings, you can choose from five languages, including General English, US English, British English, Canadian English, and Australian English. So, you can fine-tune the tool to align with your preferred language style.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

With the power of artificial intelligence, ProWritingAid’s grammar checker acts as your vigilant companion, ensuring you make fewer mistakes. Its advanced AI technology mimics human-like capabilities, allowing it to spot grammar errors like a pro.

3. Pro Writing Aid Extension: Seamless Integration

No matter which platform or software you prefer, ProWritingAid has got you covered. It seamlessly integrates with popular tools like Google Docs, Scrivener, Outlook, Microsoft Word, Final Draft, and Open Office. Additionally, it offers convenient browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari.

4. Insights And Graphs

ProWritingAid goes beyond the basics by providing you with detailed graphs and insights about your writing. Gain a deeper understanding of your writing patterns, identify areas for improvement, and track your progress. It’s like having a personal writing analyst at your fingertips.

5. Writing Settings

The web editor of ProWritingAid provides you with a selection of writing settings tailored to your specific needs.

Whether you’re working on general content, academic papers, business documents, technical write-ups, creative pieces, casual articles, scripts, or web content, this tool has you covered.

Receive customized suggestions and expert advice based on your chosen writing style (check out the paper titles generator).

6. ProWritingAid App

While ProWritingAid doesn’t have an official mobile app, they offer a robust desktop app, ensuring you can access the tool’s full potential from the comfort of your computer. Write, edit, and polish your content effortlessly, even when you’re on the move.

7. Comprehensive Writing Reports

What truly sets ProWritingAid apart from other grammar checkers is its comprehensive range of writing reports.

With 25 reports at your disposal, you have a powerful arsenal of writing superpowers. Some reports will become your trusted allies, utilized regularly to enhance your writing, while others may be called upon less frequently.

ProWritingAid Reports: Review

Within the realm of ProWritingAid’s grammar checker software, lies a treasure trove of writing reports. These reports are meticulously designed to highlight and focus on specific areas of your writing, providing you with valuable feedback and analysis to elevate your content.

From quick-fix reports to in-depth examinations, let’s explore the ProWritingAid reports:

1. Summary: Insights Of Your Writing

The summary report provides a wealth of data encompassing various aspects of your writing. Let’s take a look at the areas it covers:

  • Length
  • Writing Style
  • Grammar
  • Sentence Structure
  • Consistency
  • Repeats
  • Pacing
  • Dialogue Tags
  • Sticky Sentences

This comprehensive report presents your data in the form of charts and graphs, offering you a deep understanding of your writing strengths and areas for improvement.

Each summary report comes with a unique score, providing you with targeted feedback. For example, the “Repeats” tab reveals a score for repeated words and offers recommendations to keep your score within a specific range.

Similarly, other tabs provide scores, percentages, and grades, guiding you through each aspect of your writing journey.

2. Real-Time: Get Instant Feedback

The real-time report serves as the heart of this writing tool. It’s where you paste, upload, or write the content, and the tool begins to work.

As you write, you’ll receive instant feedback – hence the name – much like you would in MS Word.

Alternatively, you’ll receive feedback immediately after uploading your writing. Keep an eye out for colored lines under words, as they signify different types of suggestions and improvements:

  • Yellow offers suggestions to enhance your writing style.
  • Blue indicates grammatical errors.
  • Purple shows passive writing (not really an error, but active writing is generally preferred).
  • Red highlights spelling mistakes.

This real-time editing experience allows you to make improvements on the fly. For bloggers and students, this is likely the area where you’ll spend the majority of your time.

Hover over the colored suggestions to reveal a dropdown of replacement words. Click on the suggestion and watch as the incorrect text transforms into the right choice.

3. Thesaurus: Expanding Your Lexical Horizons

Thesaurus Report - prowritingaid review

The thesaurus is a powerful ally that you’ll likely find yourself relying on more than expected. It comes to the rescue when you encounter sentences with words that may seem out of place or lack the desired impact.

Hover over the word, and a dropdown list of related words appears, offering you a selection of suitable replacements.

By choosing the right word, you can enhance the richness and precision of your writing. It’s a simple yet effective way to improve your linguistic prowess.

4. Writing Style Report: The Art Of Expression

Writing Style Report

The style editor report is your trusted advisor when it comes to refining various elements of your writing. It highlights areas where your writing may appear weak, such as the use of passive voice, weak adjectives, passive verbs, and sentence length issues.

With this report by your side, you’ll receive expert advice on improving your sentence structure and creating more impactful prose. By implementing the tool’s suggestions, you can elevate your writing to new heights.

5. Grammar: Error Detection

Grammar Report - prowritingaid review

The Grammar checker report helps in identifying and rectifying obvious grammar errors within your writing.

Upon pasting your work and selecting this report, ProWritingAid diligently flags various types of writing errors, including spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and words that have been misused.

What sets this report apart is the inclusion of a little orange icon that provides explanations for specific suggestions, facilitating your learning process. It’s like having a knowledgeable teacher guiding you along the way, helping you understand the reasoning behind the recommendations.

6. Overused Words: Strengthening Your Writing

Overused Words Report - prowritingaid review

Some words have a tendency to weaken your writing, such as ‘that, ‘just,’ and ‘very’. ProWritingAid takes notice of these and diligently flags them in your content.

The tool goes a step further by suggesting alternative words to infuse greater strength and clarity into your writing.

While you have the freedom to stick with the overused word if desired, ProWritingAid’s guidance encourages you to explore better options. Embrace this report’s helpful insights as you edit your work, refining your writing and maximizing its impact.

7. All Repeats: Tackling Repetition

All Repeats report

In the heat of writing, it’s easy to unintentionally repeat words within the same paragraph. ProWritingAid’s All Repeats report highlights these instances of repetition.

While some repetitions may be acceptable, others can disrupt the flow and coherence of your paragraph.

This report brings these repetitions to your attention, enabling you to make informed decisions about when and where repetition enhances or hampers your writing.

8. Combo: Using Multiple Reports

The Combo report empowers you to run multiple reports simultaneously for your document, streamlining your editing process.

By accessing the settings, you can select the reports you want to utilize, and with a simple click on the ‘Combo’ button, grammar errors will be flagged according to your chosen selections. This feature allows you to customize your editing experience, selecting the reports that are most relevant to your writing.

By focusing on 4-5 reports that meet your specific needs, you can expedite the editing process and achieve faster results.

9. Structure: Creating Consistency

Achieving consistency in certain sections of your writing is often regarded as essential by readers and writers alike.

ProWritingAid’s Structure report acts as your guide, informing you about the number of sentences displayed in each section and advising you to maintain a similar structure throughout your content.

By heeding this report’s recommendations, you can foster cohesion and coherence, enhancing the overall readability and impact of your writing.

10. Echoes: Harmonizing Your Phrases

Similar to the All Repeats report, Echoes focuses on words and phrases that echo or repeat in close proximity. It alerts you to instances where repeated words occur too closely together, allowing you to refine and diversify your language usage.

By paying attention to the suggestions provided by the grammar tool, you can ensure that your writing maintains a harmonious and engaging rhythm.

11. Transition: Guiding Smooth Flow

Transition Report - pro writing aid review

A well-crafted piece of writing should incorporate transitions to ensure a smooth flow for readers. ProWritingAid emphasizes this by suggesting transitions to improve the coherence and navigation of your content.

The software’s insights help you eliminate any potential stumbling blocks that could hinder readers from seamlessly traversing your work. By following the suggestions, you can refine your writing and optimize the reader’s experience.

12. Sentence Length: Embracing Variety

Sentence Length Report - pro writing aid review

To keep your writing dynamic and engaging, it’s beneficial to employ sentences of varying lengths. The Sentence Length report in ProWritingAid flags sentences that appear too similar in length, providing you with valuable insights.

Both the software and professional writers agree that a mixture of short, long, and medium sentences adds depth and rhythm to your writing. Embrace the recommendations provided by this report to craft captivating prose.

13. Sticky: Removing Sentence Obstacles

Sticky Sentence Report - prowriting aid review

Sticky sentences, often laden with “Glue Words,” can impede the flow and readability of your writing. While every paragraph requires some glue words, it is advisable to aim for a Glue Index score of 40% or lower.

The Sticky Sentence report in ProWritingAid emerges as a standout feature, helping you identify unnecessary fluff words that hinder clarity.

By eliminating these obstacles, you can refine your writing skills and enhance the impact of your content in the long run.

14. Readability: A Measure Of Clarity

Readability Report - prowriting aid review

The Readability report, akin to the Hemingway editor, evaluates your writing’s ease of comprehension through the Flesch reading ease score.

ProWritingAid employs readability tools to provide feedback on the clarity and accessibility of your content.

By assessing your Flesch reading score, you can gauge how effectively you communicate your ideas and concepts to readers, enabling you to make adjustments to improve overall readability.

Explore the comparison of Grammarly vs Ginger to discover the similar features they offer as competitors.

15. Pronoun: Achieving Balance And Variety

Pronoun Report - review

Pronouns play a significant role in writing, but excessive use of these words can make your writing monotonous.

The Pronoun report in ProWritingAid sets recommended ranges for pronoun usage in different sections of your writing, such as the beginning of sentences and throughout the content.

This report proves invaluable in helping you polish your writing by drawing attention to instances where pronouns may be overused. By achieving a balanced and varied use of pronouns, you can maintain reader engagement and enhance the overall quality of your writing.

16. Diction: Simplifying And Clarifying

The Diction report shines a light on abstract and vague sentences and words in your writing. It flags instances where you can simplify or clarify your language, encouraging more concise and effective communication.

While the tool provides suggestions for word changes, you have the autonomy to decide whether to accept or reject these recommendations.

Leverage this report’s capabilities to simplify your writing while retaining your preferred terminology, striking a balance between clarity and personal style.

17. Homonym: Spotting Similar-Sounding Words

Homonym Report - review

Homonyms are words that sound alike but have different meanings, such as “plain” and “plane” or “meat” and “meet.” Spell checkers often fail to flag these as potential mistakes.

The Homonym report in ProWritingAid becomes a valuable tool in identifying these types of words in your writing, ensuring that you use the correct homonyms in the appropriate context.

By leveraging this report, you can avoid confusion and maintain precision in your writing.

18. Alliteration Analysis: Striking the Right Balance

Alliteration Report

Alliteration, the rhyming effect created by repeating sounds in words, can add a poetic touch to writing. However, excessive use of alliteration can make your content sound unnatural.

The Alliteration Analysis report in ProWritingAid identifies instances of alliteration, allowing you to assess their impact and make necessary adjustments.

While some uses of alliteration can be acceptable, this report serves as a helpful guide in ensuring that your writing strikes the right balance between creativity and clarity.

19. Acronym Report: Clear Acronym Usage

Acronym Report

Acronyms can add efficiency and conciseness to your writing, but their usage needs to be clear and consistent.

The Acronym report in ProWritingAid flags instances where acronyms are not explained or used inconsistently throughout your work. This report not only ensures clarity but also helps identify potential grammar or spelling issues related to acronyms.

While this report may be less frequently utilized, it serves as a valuable tool to maintain precision and coherence in specialized or technical writing.

20. Consistency: Establishing Uniformity

Consistency Report

Maintaining consistency in writing patterns is crucial for a polished and professional piece.

The Consistency report in ProWritingAid scans your writing to check for inconsistencies in areas such as quotation marks (curly or straight) and capitalization. It also ensures that you do not inadvertently switch between languages within your writing.

This report assists in rectifying these discrepancies, enhancing the overall coherence and professionalism of your content.

21. Pacing: Balancing Narrative Flow

Pacing Report

The Pacing report primarily caters to fiction writers, focusing on the pace and rhythm of your writing. It identifies tedious, long paragraphs that may risk boring your readers.

By flagging areas of concern, this report prompts you to evaluate and adjust the pacing of your narrative, ensuring that it remains engaging and captivating.

22. Dialogue: Enhancing Fictional Narratives

Dialogue Report

The Dialogue report is particularly useful for fiction writers and those involved in creative writing assessments. It provides insights into the usage of dialogue tags within your writing.

By highlighting the frequency and placement of dialogue tags, this report assists in achieving effective dialogue construction, enhancing the authenticity and impact of fictional conversations.

23. Plagiarism: Ensuring Originality And Proper Attribution

Plagiarism Report

The Plagiarism report serves as a safeguard against unintentional plagiarism. It checks your writing against all possible web pages to identify instances where your writing may resemble existing content or fail to properly attribute sources.

By utilizing this report, you can ensure the originality and integrity of your work, giving proper credit where it is due.

24. House: Personalizing Your Writing Rules

House Report

The House report serves as a hub for creating customized styles and reports in ProWritingAid. It allows you to establish your own writing rules and preferences, such as using specific terms or phrases consistently.

By setting these rules, you can ensure that they are applied consistently throughout your writing and have them reflected in the reports generated by the tool.

25. Sensory: Engaging The Reader’s Senses

Primarily useful for fiction writers, the Sensory report assists in employing sensory words that evoke emotions and engage the reader’s senses.

This report quantifies the usage of sensory words throughout your writing, emphasizing the importance of incorporating them effectively.

By utilizing this report, you can create vivid and immersive reading experiences, enhancing the impact and emotional resonance of your content.

Is ProWritingAid Good For Bloggers?

ProWritingAid can be useful for bloggers, although it is not considered essential. Its usefulness depends on how meticulous you are with your grammar and writing.

One significant benefit of using ProWritingAid as a blogger is that you target different countries or audiences. For instance, if you write for a US-based audience, this tool can help you avoid mistakes such as using incorrect UK spellings.

By ensuring proper grammar and style, ProWritingAid assists bloggers in delivering high-quality content that resonates with their target readers. However, its necessity may vary depending on individual preferences and requirements.

ProWritingAid Price: How Much Does ProWritingAid Cost?

ProWritingAid offers multiple pricing options in two categories: individual and team use. The pricing varies based on the duration of the subscription (monthly, quarterly, yearly, or lifetime). They also provide a free version with certain limitations.

ProWritingAid Free vs Premium

ProWritingAid Pricing

The free plan allows unlimited usage of the “real-time” and “summary” reports, while other reports have a word limit of 500.

However, some features, such as addons, are not available in the free plan, which can be a limitation, especially for users who heavily rely on tools like Google Docs.

The premium plans start at $30 per month, or you can opt for an annual plan at $120. The monthly price may seem relatively high for an online editing tool, but the annual plan offers better value, at $10 a month.

For users with a higher budget and a preference for long-term use, a lifetime subscription is available for $399. Additionally, there is a premium plus plan, priced slightly higher, which includes 60 free plagiarism checks per year.

ProWritingAid For Teams

ProWritingAid Price - Teams

ProWritingAid also offers team pricing, providing additional grammar checker software functionalities. This includes creating style and writing guides, integration with help desk and chat software, and compatibility with various sales engagement applications.

The team license begins at $12 a month or $36 a month for 3 users, offering collaborative tools for efficient writing and editing processes within a team setting.

Is ProWritingAid Good For Students?

ProWritingAid is highly beneficial for students and is considered one of the main reasons to use this software tool.

Whether you are studying creative writing, English literature, or any other subject, utilizing this grammar tool can be a wise decision. It helps students improve their writing skills, enhance grammar and punctuation, and ensure the clarity and effectiveness of their academic work.

Additionally, ProWritingAid offers a 20% discount for students, making it even more accessible and valuable for educational purposes.

ProWritingAid Pros And Cons

Like any tool, ProWritingAid has its pros and cons.

Pros Of ProWritingAid:

  • Offers numerous writing reports
  • Less expensive than Grammarly
  • Helps educate users along the way
  • Lifetime plans available
  • Provides integration options with Google Docs and Scrivener (Premium Plan Only)

Cons of ProWritingAid:

  • Plagiarism tool comes at an additional cost
  • Lacks a mobile app
  • The free plan has limitations

Is ProWritingAid Good For Authors?

ProWritingAid is particularly suitable for authors, offering a variety of writing reports.

While most of the reports may not be necessary for everyone, authors tend to utilize more of these features. It serves as an excellent alternative to hiring a professional online editor, providing authors with valuable insights and suggestions for improving their writing.

With its comprehensive analysis and editing capabilities, ProWritingAid helps authors refine their manuscripts, enhance their writing style, and ensure their work meets the highest standards.

FAQs – Pro Writing Aid Review

1. Is Grammarly better than ProWritingAid?

When comparing ProWritingAid vs Grammarly, it’s important to consider both the free and paid plans. For free grammar checking, Grammarly tends to be better, especially with its integration with Google Docs and user-friendly interface.

However, ProWritingAid shines with its premium plans. While both tools are effective, ProWritingAid’s premium version offers more features and feels more comprehensive than its main software. It provides a greater range of reports and functionalities, although it may not be as slick or fast as Grammarly.

Ultimately, the choice between the two comes down to personal preference.

2. Is ProWritingAid worth the Money?

I would say that ProWritingAid is worth the money, especially if you opt for the annual plan. It offers a robust set of features and is more cost-effective compared to Grammarly.

Additionally, there is a free plan available for those who prefer not to purchase a premium plan. The value you receive from ProWritingAid depends on your specific writing needs and preferences.

3. Is ProWritingAid safe?

Yes, ProWritingAid is safe to use. It is a reputable writing tool that focuses on grammar and style improvements. It has been widely used by writers and professionals without any significant safety concerns.

However, it’s always a good practice to exercise caution when using any software or online tool and ensure that you do a ProWritingAid download from a trusted source to avoid potential security risks.

4. What are the disadvantages of ProWritingAid?

Some disadvantages of ProWritingAid include occasional false positives, limited integration with certain platforms, and a steeper learning curve compared to simpler grammar checkers.

It’s important to note that these drawbacks may vary based on personal experience and requirements.

5. What writing program do most writers use?

There isn’t one specific writing program that all writers use, as preferences vary greatly.

However, popular writing programs among writers include Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Scrivener, and Evernote (here is a list of the best tools for writing). Writers often choose tools based on their features, ease of use, and personal preferences.

Conclusion: ProWritingAid Review

Whether you’re a professional writer or not, having a grammar tool like ProWritingAid is a wise decision. It helps you avoid embarrassing spelling and grammar mistakes while improving your writing overall.

If you prefer a free option, Grammarly may be the better choice. However, if you seek a paid solution with comprehensive features, ProWritingAid is an excellent choice. It offers a wide range of writing reports, although you may not use all of them.

The relatively low price, integration options, and availability of reports make ProWritingAid a compelling grammar tool.

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