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Is Mercari A Legitimate Site? | Mercari Reviews

is mercari a legitimate site

You probably have heard of Mercari if you are looking to purchase and sell products through your phone. Both buyers and sellers love this app since it has a platform simpler to use than websites like eBay. Nonetheless, it raises the question: Is Mercari a legitimate site? Is Mercari safe to use for buyers and sellers?

In this article, we’ll discuss if Mercari is reliable and worth the time. We’ll take a deep dive so that you can learn more about the Mercari platform!

What Is Mercari?

Mercari is similar to a marketplace such as eBay which makes purchasing and selling easy, and enjoyable. With several users in the US, Japan, and the UK since its launch in 2013, Mercari has established itself as one of the marketplaces with the highest rate of growth.

A wide variety of items are available on Mercari, including electronics, household goods, and items for health and beauty.

Mercari has no listing fees for sellers, in contrast to some marketplaces. Because of this, Mercari is the perfect marketplace for both consumers and sellers seeking a good offer.

Therefore, Mercari could be a great choice for you whether you’re trying to spot the next big thing or want to get rid of things at your home.

Mercari Buyer Protection – Is Mercari A Legit Site?

Mercari is a legitimate business with company headquarters located in Tokyo (Japan). It is a safe marketplace for buying and selling products.

The business offers safe payment options and buyer protection as part of its user protection measures.

Mercari Customer Service

mercari customer service

Moreover, the Mercari website has a comprehensive help section available, which will direct you to the appropriate area so that your questions are addressed.

Check out Mercari if you want a safe and simple option to buy and sell products.

Mercari Fees – How Does Mercari Work?

Simply install the app, register, and begin adding your products for sale.

Each sale generates a 10% fee for Mercari.

Buyers can search through your listings once you’ve posted your products and buy the things they need. Payments are handled through Mercari, because of which you’ll get the money in your account right away. Also, they have agreements with shipping companies, allowing you to ship your products fast and affordably.

Mercari allows you to organize your home while earning extra money during the process!

Mercari Buying Experience

The platform provides buyers with a useful way to get offers on products in good condition.

Mercari App Review

This is a good method to sell items you no longer want and a nice way to earn some additional cash. So what are customer reviews of Mercari like?

While there are a few complaints, most customers are satisfied with their products.

The two most frequent claims are about the product not matching the listing’s description or that it was never delivered at all. The majority of individuals do appear to be satisfied with their purchases through Mercari.

mercari buying experience

Mercari Return Policy

Payment is not released by Mercari until the buyer receives the item and is in the condition listed by the seller. The buyer has three days to obtain a complete refund if they receive a product not as advertised.

Mercari Selling Experience

There’s a reason why Mercari has become one of the most popular platforms on the market. It’s convenient, simple to use, and it is possible to find anything. But what’s the experience like of being a seller on Mercari?

Mercari Reviews

The platform is a fantastic way to get rid of clutter and earn a little additional cash at the same time. Also, it’s a terrific place to get discounts on the products you are looking for. So, what do regular users of Mercari think about it? To get a sense, I looked at some seller reviews.

With more than 18,500 reviews and a customer rating of 2.5 on Trustpilot, 70% of reviewers gave Mercari a 4-5-star rating.

There are mixed reviews; some people are fans of the platform and there are others that despise it. Yet, Mercari appears to be a generally favorable experience for users that take the effort to fully comprehend how it operates.

There are unfavorable seller reviews stating they couldn’t respond to a buyer’s accusation that the product they received was not as described. Some have experienced more processing fees than expected.

Yet, the majority of users appear to be satisfied with Mercari.

mercari selling experience

What Is The Cost Of Selling Through Mercari?

There isn’t a fee for listing. Based on the final price, Mercari gets a 10% commission for the sale of an item, in addition to a 2.9% + $0.50 transaction fee on completed payments.

How Is Payment Made Through Mercari?

There are 2 ways to collect payments from Mercari:

  • Instant Pay – a payment on the same day with a flat $2 fee
  • Direct deposit – within 5 days but is free of charge for amounts of $10 or more

Sites Like Mercari

Mercari is a popular selling platform, but there are others as well. There are some platforms that are worth taking into consideration if you’re looking for a Mercari alternative.

1. ThredUP

Used clothing has advanced quite a bit over the years. The items available today are sleek, fashionable, and inexpensive and are no longer restricted to dingy consignment shops and shady locations. It’s now simpler than before to locate lightly worn clothing that fits your specifications and budget thanks to online stores like ThredUP.

ThredUP is a good option for your search, whether you’re trying to find a cheap pair of pants or a new party outfit.

2. Tradesy

There are more places besides Mercari where you may buy or sell secondhand products. Tradesy is a fantastic alternative if you’re trying to find Mercari alternatives. If you’re searching for luxury labels like Gucci or Louis Vuitton, Tradesy should be on your list since it focuses on designer clothing.

3. Poshmark

If you’re wanting to purchase or sell brand-new or lightly used apparel and accessories, Poshmark is a fantastic option. The website is simple to use and ideal for getting deals on apparel, accessories, gadgets, and other products. Also, Poshmark has a community component that adds a fun element and increases engagement.

Poshmark is without a doubt the best Mercari alternative available today. Here is a detailed Poshmark review: Is Poshmark Legit?

Conclusion – Is Mercari A Legitimate Site?

So, is Mercari trustworthy? Yes, Mercari is legitimate. It’s a fantastic choice if you want to get rid of clutter and earn some extra money. There is no listing fee, and it is simple to use. You are able to sell the unwanted stuff on Mercari and use the proceeds to get what you actually want.

Why not get organized and exchange your old possessions for new ones? Get started today. Mercari is straightforward and profitable!

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