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Amazon Merch On Demand Review | Is Amazon Merch Profitable?

amazon merch on demand review

You should read this Amazon Merch on Demand review if you’re trying to find out how to make money online.

The platform Merch by Amazon enables users to sell merchandise that they have custom designed. Your unique designs can be created and sold as t-shirts, phone cases, tote bags, and other items.

And fortunately, it’s much simpler than one would imagine making money with Merch by Amazon. In fact, if you work hard and persevere, you could be turning a profit right away.

How much money can it make? There are sellers that make thousands of dollars per month using this business model. Not bad for a side hustle.

This post will give you all the information you need to get started on Merch by Amazon, as well as an in-depth review of the service.

Let’s get started!

Does Amazon Merch Work?

Merch by Amazon can be a terrific way to generate money if you’re the creative type, graphic designer, artist, or just someone with ideas for designing products.

It’s also a terrific platform for those who want to start a digital business for almost no money upfront. And since Amazon is a well-known company, it’s the safest and easiest platform on which to start your side hustle and get passive income.

Merch by Amazon may, however, can be quite a competitive platform. So, it may not be suitable for you if you’re unwilling to put in the effort or lack original ideas.

To sell the items and earn money, you must be willing to do what it takes. You probably won’t get the results if you don’t. Your products won’t sell on Amazon. That part will be yours to complete.

The system is perfect for influencers, bloggers, well-known businesses, and others having a sizable following to promote the items.

But this does not imply that you cannot begin selling on the platform if you do not already have an audience. We’ll go into greater depth on some other strategies for promoting your designs later in this post.

Merch By Amazon Review – Is Merch By Amazon Safe?

is amazon merch legit

Merch by Amazon is an Amazon print-on-demand (POD) system that enables sellers to sell things that have been custom designed. The users don’t need to think of inventory or delivery, which is the best aspect of it.

Amazon handles everything on your behalf, allowing you to make passive income by receiving royalties for each sale.

Also, compared to other POD platforms, Amazon only makes items and ships them after payment. So, you don’t need to have a big inventory and there aren’t any upfront or hidden fees.

Is Amazon Merch Legit?

Yes, it is legit. It will take a bit of time to get approved for MBA. Once you do, it will take additional time for your Amazon Merch business to succeed. Yet, if you are persistent, creative, and determined to succeed, you would be able to develop your MBA venture into a full-time business and beyond.

How To Get Started With Amazon Merch

The procedure is really simple if you’re interested in setting up Merch by Amazon. Go visit the Merch On Demand sign-up page and complete the form there with your details.

You’ll have to include information such as name, email address, contact number, and address. After you submit the form, they will review it and notify you whether your application is accepted.

Amazon Merch On Demand Account – How Long Does Amazon Merch Review Take?

It can take up to 60 days for the approval. But most of the time, it doesn’t take so long.

After being approved, you can log into the account and upload designs. Don’t worry if your application is rejected; you’ll be able to try again in the future.

How To Research On Merch By Amazon

target customers

Proper design and keyword research are key factors to achieving success on Merch by Amazon.

You probably won’t get the outcome you want if you don’t spend enough time doing the research. And although it can take a little longer initially, it will be totally worth it.

To begin, you might want to use Google Trends or the Keyword Planner to see what’s trending.

To find out what your buyer persona is searching for on this particular platform, you’ll also need to conduct research using other tools that use data from the platform as these tools don’t use Amazon’s data.

Similar to how a seller would do for Amazon FBA, you’ll need to do niche research for Amazon Merch.

The following is an example of how to conduct Amazon Merch research and use the features to focus on the highest-performing keywords:

  • First, research your competitors on Merch by Amazon. Ideally, you have to limit your list to the designs and items that are closest to your products
  • Start writing down the ASINs for the products
  • Compile a list with each applicable ASIN
  • Enter all the relevant ASINs into a reverse ASIN lookup tool designed for Amazon, such as Cerebro
  • Analyze the data to identify the keywords that your competitors are achieving success with, then start using them for your products as well

More Tools To Do Amazon Merch Research

Google Trends

A free research tool called Google Trends offers information on users’ search habits. It is a useful tool for SEO experts, content marketers, and Amazon Merch businesses.

There are many different methods to study the data in Google Trends. You can select from a variety of time periods, geographies, languages, categories, and search options.

Insights can be considered the most popular feature. It offers information on the historical trends of a phrase or word in specific regions and languages.

Buzz Sumo

A curation and social media analytics tool called Buzz Sumo helps companies and marketers in keeping track of what customers are mentioning about their products, brands, or services.

The following features are available from Buzz Sumo for researching Merch by Amazon:

  • Providing you with information on the marketing initiatives of your competitors
  • Delivering real-time information on what others are saying on social channels about your topic
  • Providing a simple approach to evaluate the success of the content marketing initiatives
  • Making it possible for you to track the success of your Amazon Merch social media promotion (if you decide to do it)

Jungle Scout

With an extensive Amazon seller and product research software like Jungle Scout, you can find profitable items to promote on Amazon.

The tool offers the following features:

  • Provides information on the top-selling items in any specific category
  • Helps with locating profitable items to sell in your store
  • Enables you to research the competitors for any item and learn things like the sales volume and monthly income projections

Improve Your Product Listing Title For The Amazon Merch Program

Optimizing the title should be one of your first priorities when adding your product to Amazon Merch.

Perhaps the first thing that prospective buyers will see is your title, so it must be engaging and concise. Also, it must contain pertinent keywords in order for your product to show up in Amazon Merch search results.

Below are some pointers for title optimization:

  • Keep it succinct and direct. It should ideally not exceed 80 characters (try to aim for 60 characters to be safe). Short titles are easy to read and can hold a reader’s attention compared to lengthy ones
  • Make it attention-grabbing and catchy. Examine the various title formats and lengths for comparable items on the platform
  • Place the brand name of the product first in the title. Also don’t forget to fill out the field for brand name
  • Avoid using subjective phrases. Refrain from phrases like “Popular Item” or “Best Seller” in the product title to be as objective as you can
  • Add pertinent keyword phrases. Please refrain from using all capitals. Capitalize the first letter of every word, excluding conjunctions (or, and, for), prepositions (on, in, with), and articles (a, an, the)

Examples Of Titles Optimized For Amazon Merch

  • Super Mario Bros. Since ’85 Vintage Poster T-Shirt
  • Butterfly Tree Beautiful T-Shirt”
  • MTV Retro Shape Design Logo Graphic T-shirt

The above titles are succinct, direct, and incorporate pertinent keywords. Also, they are attractive and are likely to entice viewers to click and browse through the listing.

Keep in mind that the title is a crucial component of the listing, so be sure to optimize it so that it looks good!

See Amazon’s product title criteria for sellers and Merch by Amazon’s terms and conditions for further details on product title specifications. This way you can keep your products from experiencing Amazon Merch search suppression.

How To Sell Your Merchandise – Selling Shirts On Amazon

how to create buyer personas

After you launch your merchandise, the real work begins. Despite the fact that Amazon is a major player in the eCommerce industry, sales aren’t always guaranteed.

You’ll need a powerful marketing plan for your Amazon Merch brand if you want to succeed on the site.

Fortunately, marketing the Amazon store is just like marketing any other digital business. As you are only allowed to sell apparel through the platform, it is advised to focus mostly on Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram. You essentially need a strong social media following.

Amazon ads are a good method to draw customers to your business, highlight your products in Amazon Merch search results, and boost sales.

The nice part about running ads on Amazon is that it’s quite inexpensive and functions similarly to pay-per-click advertisements on Google. This means that you only pay when customers click through your ads.

The marketing techniques listed below can also be used to advertise your merchandise:

  • To increase exposure and traffic, start a blog related to your business and use content marketing to direct links to your online store
  • Participate in relevant forums and Facebook groups where most of your target audience hangs out. When appropriate, talk about your items there
  • Market your merchandise through influencers or by paying streamers to promote it on websites like Twitch

After your merch listings are live, spend some time coming up with fresh ideas on how to sell your products. If you put enough thought into it, you’ll be able to develop a successful plan for your Amazon Merch business.

Features Available For Sellers

Simply put, the fact that Amazon owns it is the main feature and highlight of this review of Amazon Merch.

There are no special functions or features for sellers on this eCommerce platform. The key selling point is the fact that you can easily sell your merchandise with most of the heavy lifting done by Amazon (except for the work you need to put into the design).

Amazon Merch is a good source of passive income because it saves the expenses of paying for storage, customer support, or delivery, unlike other print-on-demand services. It’s interesting because it allows you to essentially launch a merchandising business without investing any money.

Additionally, it enables all sellers to advertise their items with Amazon Prime, giving them a significant edge over other products. This offers a wider audience and lower shipping rates, which can eventually result in higher sales.

Type Of Products – Is Amazon Merch On Demand Good Quality?

The initial version of Amazon Merch was a POD system designed exclusively for printing personalized t-shirts. Since then, Amazon Merch has added more items that you may personalize and promote on the website, including:

  • Hoodies
  • Long sleeve t-shirts
  • Tank tops
  • Sweatshirts
  • Tote bags
  • Accent pillows
  • Pop sockets
  • Phone cases

Although the platform has broadened its selection, it still doesn’t have as many options as its competitors. That being said, it includes the most common merch categories.

As long as the design provided is of reasonable quality, their product and print quality are fairly good.

Amazon Merch Pricing – Is Amazon Merch Profitable?

Most of you probably have some questions by now, such as “Is Merch by Amazon profitable?” or “Is Amazon Merch Worth It?”

Based on this review of Merch by Amazon, the answer to the above questions is a definite yes!

Several Merch by Amazon top sellers use the marketplace to run a full-time business from their sales. And there is no reason why you can’t do the same if you follow the appropriate strategy.

In certain instances, customers have made thousands of dollars in profit by selling their merchandise on Amazon stores.

Of course, a number of factors will affect the amount of money you can make:

  • The quality and demand for your design
  • Your market niche
  • Your competitors
  • How successfully the items are advertised and promoted
  • The pricing of your product

But there is nothing stopping you from generating big money with Amazon Merch. Or at the very least, add a great passive income stream every month, provided you’re prepared to put in the work.

In terms of how much Amazon Merch pays for each transaction, you can typically make 13.8 –37.6% commission. Hence, if you are selling a $25 T-shirt, you can expect to make about $9 from the sale.

Needless to say, you’ll make more money if you sell more products. And you’ll get a better commission if you can sell your goods at a high price point.

Hence, it’s crucial to produce high-quality products that customers are ready to pay for if you want to succeed with Amazon Merch.

On their website, Amazon Merch describes their royalties as well as how they determine their predetermined rates for every kind of merchandise.

is amazon merch profitable

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Amazon Merch

Before you begin selling on Amazon Merch, there are a few things to think about. The benefits and drawbacks are listed below:

Benefits Of Amazon Merch

  • All the items are Prime eligible and housed on one of the biggest eCommerce systems (Amazon), which may lead to higher visibility and more sales
  • In comparison to other POD platforms and Amazon Merch alternatives, it’s absolutely free for use and eliminates all the burden associated with printing and stocking. The only labor involved from sellers is the creation of their designs
  • There are many resources accessible, including a customer service team. Just create your merchandise, manage it, and reap the rewards
  • It’s a fantastic way to get passive income
  • The user interface of the platform is simple, intuitive, and easy to use

Drawbacks Of Amazon Merch

  • Since the commission rates are not very high, the sellers will have to sell enough products through the system to make a reasonable profit
  • In order to use the platform to sell products, sellers must get approved. The application procedure may take a while (a few weeks or months).  Still, there is no certainty that you will be accepted
  • The range of merchandise and items you can sell is very limited. Only well-known products like clothes, tote bags, pillow covers, and phone cases are supported. Some of the competitors offer additional products like mugs, jewelry, and keychains
  • The platform doesn’t offer any marketplace or third-party website integrations such as Redbubble or Shopify

Is There Customer Support For Amazon Merch?

The customer care team at Amazon Merch is available to assist sellers with any problems or inquiries. You can email customer care or just fill out the Contact form to get in touch with them.

However, you can’t reach them over the phone with your questions. They do, however, have a comprehensive Amazon Merch FAQ section where people can get many of their questions answered.

They even offer a separate forum where you may post your questions if you are still unable to find an answer.

Customer service for your buyers is completely taken care of by Amazon. They are capable of responding to all consumer inquiries because they are handling the fulfillment, shipping, and production work.

Customer service is the same for all Amazon users. This is the case regardless of whether a t-shirt is offered on Merch by Amazon by an independent seller or by a well-known clothing company like Levi’s. As with any order, customers can reach out to Amazon if they have any problems.

Merch By Amazon Review – Customer Experience

Overall, Amazon Merch’s design is user-friendly. The system is simple to navigate and use. Listings can be created easily by uploading designs. Also, sellers have access to a lot of beneficial tools, such as a customer support team.

The main drawback is that applying to Merch by Amazon might take some time, and acceptance into the platform isn’t always assured. On the other hand, you are able to start selling immediately when you’re approved.

All things considered, Amazon Merch is a fantastic program for selling custom-designed t-shirts and other products. Hence, because of its simplicity, it’s absolutely worth taking a chance if you’ve been thinking of starting a merch business and aren’t in a rush to release your designs.

Conclusion – Amazon Merch On Demand Review

So, is Amazons Merch worth it?

The answer is yes if you’re determined to make it work and put in the effort.

In this Merch by Amazon review makes it clear that selling custom items without dealing with the headache of overseeing shipping, customer support, and production can be a terrific way to make extra money.

It’s key to remember that the application procedure can be drawn out and there is no certainty that you will be accepted.

To avoid depending on Amazon Merch as your primary source of income, it is best to make sure that have one or more additional revenue streams established.

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