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Website Translation Service | 5 Best Website Translation Software

best website translation software

A website translation service that can perform the task with a reasonable level of accuracy would be ideal. There are translation tools available, but many of them are inaccurate. In this article, we’ll go over the 5 best website translation software for translating content in a quick and efficient manner.

The market potential for businesses has grown in ways that were unthinkable even a few years ago. The global economy has created opportunities for both small and large firms. It does, however, have some drawbacks, language being one of them.

About 26% of the market will see your message if your content is written in English. In other words, 74% of the world’s population would rather visit websites having content in their own language.

You can’t expect to generate revenue from your website if visitors can’t follow the content. You need to translate your content so that visitors can have a regional experience.

Text translation to a different language is not a straightforward process. Translating word to word doesn’t work well because of the nuances in the original language. Such errors can drastically change the message’s context.

Best Website Translation Software

1. Google Site Translation – Free Online Website Translation

google translate - best website translation software

To swiftly translate the text of your website into more than 100 languages, Google provides a free website translation tool – Google Translate. This is a straightforward translation tool.

You just need to paste or input your text into the box, select the language you want to translate it from (or detect the language using the tool) and select the target language. The tool will then translate, and you can copy the translation that is generated.

You will be impressed by the quality that you get from this free tool. With the most recent updates to its Google Neural Machine Translation (GNMT) technology, its accuracy is on par with that of human translators.

There are still times when it omits words and translates irregular sentences incorrectly when the preposition or object is unclear. But overall, it’s very close.

Even the appropriate punctuation mark will be added, and a guide for pronunciation is provided in case you wanted to hear how the translated content is supposed to sound.

Not too shabby from a free option, huh?

2. Essay ScholarAdvisor – Professional Online Translation

Essay scholaradvisor

For the most part, what is needed for your website to look professional to your target audience is well-written English content. The human touch is essential for the English translation if you’re picky about accuracy.

You will always receive great website content from this service because they only hire native English writers for their positions.

Beginning at $6.99 for working on 275 words, the website translation rates are fair. All you have to do is enter the information for your order and make the payment to receive your delivery.

3. Bablic – One-Stop Shop For Web Services


The website is a one-stop shop offering a whole range of services. Besides site translation, the services include web design, SEO, and style editing.

Bablic does the translation for sites in different languages. Depending on your plan, you may select up to 30 language options for your website. If you want to see a preview of your website, you can try out the service with 1 language for free without any registration.

You simply need to enter the URL and select “Try Now For Free.” Choose the language you wish to translate the website’s content into. You can select between, Professional Translation and Machine Translation.

For the free trial, you get the machine translation, which is good enough in most cases.

Additionally, you can edit any section of your website and include more languages. However, you must register to use those extra capabilities or to integrate the translation into your site. After that, you must add the snippet of Bablic code to your website’s <head> element.

Even non-technical individuals can easily use this tool, which completely automates the translating process. Every time you make changes to the website, you may optionally include automatic updates for the site translation as well.

Given the number of capabilities, it is relatively inexpensive for small business owners. After a 14-day free trial, paid options range from $12 per month for 2 languages to $159 per month for any number of languages (billed annually).

4. CatsCradle 4 – Top Translation Software For Professionals

catscradle 4

Your content is not really translated by this tool. It is a self-translation software with a web page editor created mainly for professionals working in translation.

This tool’s main advantage is that it can take the original content and format the output translation while keeping the original HTML code and structure.

If you don’t think this is a matter of concern, you haven’t tried translating using a standard text editor. Using this tool, you may run into problems like:

  • non-editable text
  • missing text (hidden and hence not copied)
  • broken links
  • changes to the font or color
  • distorted page layouts
  • wrong or uneven formatting

To make sure that content on the website is imported into the editor, CatsCradle checks the back end. When you’re done, the software seamlessly integrates the translated text into your website.

If you wish to, you may use the app’s real-time view function to follow the changes on the website. Because it fully supports Unicode, the software makes it simple to convert text into Japanese, Chinese, Greek, Cyrillic, or Thai. Additionally, .chm, .hhc and .hhk files are supported.

The free version Spark v4 can be used, however, there are only a few features. The Pro version has a 30-day trial period and a single payment of £49.99. But, because it only supports Windows-based platforms, Linux and Mac users need to look for other alternatives.

5. Smartling – Manual Website Translation Program


This is a manual website translation service that has the features of machine translation. Although it is entirely automated, a group of professional translators performs the actual site translation work.

While you unwind, its API takes the content of your website, sends it to professional translators or to your internal team, and then publishes it onto your website. The translations are contextually accurate and carried out promptly.

The website translation costs of Smartling can be a deal breaker for some businesses. The paid options are a bit pricey for small to mid-sized businesses because they are primarily created for B2B organizations.

The plans begin at $200 per month (annual billing). A customized plan could be more reasonable, so it’s a good idea to reach out. You must create an account in order to receive a quote for the business.


If you looking to expand worldwide, localization is essential for interacting with your potential target market. Make sure your website has the required translations before launching a global campaign.

Your clients will be able to quickly understand your offer in a language they are familiar with thanks to localized content on your website. It can make or break your campaign.

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